Pop Star Dreams

One of my colleagues from long ago was so obsessed with Sting that she wrote a poem, went to his concert, climbed up on the stage and gave it to him.

I kind of liked him and some of his songs, and, as long as he didn’t smile, he looked like one of the great loves of my life. That was both attractive and not. Now I know that it’s a problem to have multiple “great loves” of your life.

Back in 1978, one of these men dressed up as a bumblebee for Hallowe’en. “Do you want to see my stinger?” he asked. It was kind of (but not very) funny. Sadly, he went on to feel death’s sting at a young age.

The best use of the word “sting” is from W. C. Fields, and I think the film was If I had a Million. “Drowned in a vat of whiskey… Oh Death, where is thy sting?”

Here’s a collection of W. C. Fields’ priceless vignettes because I am not stung by this prompt and these are funny.



6 thoughts on “Pop Star Dreams

  1. Or as he said “I like children – fried”. W.C.Fields had a sort of lilt in his voice. I remember my dad loved him in films, that was how I got to know him. I am also a Sting fan, he sort of had something special in his songs. My favourite was Moon over Bourbon Street, the lament of a vampire.

    • I love W. C. Fields. I think my all time favorite line is in his film with Mae West where an Indian rides up to a railroad track where W. C. Fields is lying on a travois waiting for the train. W. C. Fields says, “Ugh!” and the Indian says, in tones of bewilderment, “Ugh???” 😀

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