Power Outage

Ever since the Cedar Fire of 2003, if my power goes out, I feel anxious. Late yesterday afternoon, some guys cutting branches away from power lines cut a line. My power company texted me what I already knew. I didn’t want to wait for the power to come on (and I would; I think anyone who’s been without power for a week or more because of a disaster would…). It wasn’t MY thorny problem. I decided to run away, so I leashed Dusty and Bear and headed to the slough along the Rio Grande.

It had spit rain earlier and the clouds had moved swiftly east. That made some beautiful light. The featured photo is the Sangre de Cristos.



Looking southeast



Looking northeast toward the Sangre de Cristos


Maybe you had to be there πŸ™‚


Faint rainbow in the virga


When I got home, the power was back on, in my end of town anyway.


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