Which Do You Like Better?

I got back the proof of the hiking book and they messed up the cover (which is the blue one at this point) shifting everything to red so it looks more like dust than like snow 😦 SO I thought maybe there might be a better cover? I’d love your opinion! Which do you like best and why?

Thank you!

OK how about this???? I’ve taken suggestions…

My Everest full painting with boot

cover My Everest.PaintingMy Everest full painting.001Cover My Everest Boot .001Cover My Everest Truffle:Molly

24 thoughts on “Which Do You Like Better?

  1. I like the last one because it has actual dogs, but the first one would work, but maybe green as in grass? Blue and white does make it look snowy and I don’t like the middle one. I’m not big on covers in general, especially since I read mostly on Kindle where it really doesn’t matter.

  2. I like the Everest from the blue one. and that shoe sketch from the second. Can that sketch be put on the foreground of the Everest painting? The shoe immediately gives me a feeling of traveling as if you are taking the reader along to the trip. And how about a green cover? I just tried that on photoshop with 2 of your covers to see which i like best :p

  3. Gosh! I Love the new one! The cover color seems perfect to me now. having the full painting in large icon size has done a great job. why? that blue of the sky is now clearer and vibrant and touches me with its snowy cool atmosphere. I can feel the light and its subtle warmth. And even in this one i imagine adding that sneaker at the left side of the book title. yeah, i love it.

  4. Martha, could you select the sneaker(with the Quick selection tool on photoshop) without its blocked background? I mean a free standing mountain boot, slightly bigger and positioned a bit down aligned with the bottom line.

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