Quotidian Tedium, Verse 7

I had to elevate myself from a reclining position earlier this morning because Mindy T. Dog has to go to the vet for an exam.

The fires all over the west have colored our sunrise and sunset. I’m sorry about the terrible floods in Texas and Louisiana, but Montana has been burning for months now. People have lost everything — never mind what WE have lost in natural beauty, or what the ANIMALS have lost (like their lives and homes). It was only at the end of July that the Feds decided to give Montana FEMA aid. “Nobody lives there,” right? Maybe, even, “Where IS Montana?”

Had a burst of rock painting fervor over the weekend. I’d started a rock that was gong to be a fox, and I also primed three or four other rocks for something. Then my neighbor’s triplet grandchildren (3 years old? 4?) showed up so I gave them painted rocks to go hide.

I experienced a wonderful vindication for representational art.


I held them out. One little girl said, “I want the red one! I like red!”

Her grandma goes, “What is it?”

The little girl said, “It’s a STRAWBERRY!” The little girl LOVED it.

The second little girl said, “Oh! It’s a smiley face! I love it!”

And the little boy took the blue one. Grandma said, “What is it?”

“It’s a blue sky, with clouds and birds flying in it!” And he hugged it.

It happened that the strawberry girl wore a pink shirt; the smiley face girl wore a yellow shirt, and the little boy had a blue shirt. Off they went to the park to hide the rocks. So far, to my knowledge, only the yellow and blue one have been found.

After the park, they went to the local extended care facility and they FOUND a rock.

In other news, when I moved in there was an avocado green electric stove and a recliner from the same era (broken) in my garage. They hadn’t been there when I looked at the house. I guess someone thought, “Great, she bought it. Put ’em back.” Earlier this summer, one of my neighbors, who was having a metal recycling company here in town (new!) take stuff from her garage, sent them over to my house to take the stove. I was so happy. That left the chair. I arranged last week with the trash company to haul the chair away. I just had to get it 1/3 of a block down the alley and out to the curb.

Using the clever engineering techniques perfected by the Egyptians in building the Pyramids, I got the HUGE chair, covered in the rare Hyde of Nauga, with the heavy metal mechanics underneath, on to my Worx Wheelbarrow (now converted to a wagon). I tied the chair to the front of the wagon so it wouldn’t slide off the back and using the ancient Egyptian transportation techniques, known as slowly and steadily pulling the wagon, I got it to the curb.

Sometime this week, I’ll be able to put my bicycle in the garage so it’ll be a lot easier to get to when I want to go for a ride.

In national news, it’s nice to have the Cold War back. I’ve had a lot of trouble adjusting to the idea that it was over, I mean it’s not like the nukes were GONE right? Only that people had decided to avoid using them? This morning I read that Old 45 is going to “allow” Japan and S. Korea to buy more sophisticated warheads from us.

Well, it’s money, right?

Makes me feel like bringing out the old songs from the sixties, those great chart toppers that warmed our hearts with a cozy nuclear frisson. And young people have never heard them! Doubtless they’ll be writing their own, but in the meantime this was my dad’s and my favorite. 🙂


12 thoughts on “Quotidian Tedium, Verse 7

  1. I would love to hear the Korean version of that song. Even the TV lady sounds comitted when she speaks. Who would have thought that it would all return again, the days of nuclear fall-out, bomb tests and all the rest. We have really not learnt anything in the meanwhile.
    Lovely stones. Perhaps no-one took the strawberry stone because they thought it was a piece of rotting fruit.
    I know the relieved feeling when you can eventually get rid of that piece of rubbish that has been hanging around for years. We have two special collections twice a year for all that stuff: one for metal and the other for the rest, but beware. The Swiss do not take everything if it doesn’t fit the descriptions. They are even fussy about their rubbish.

      • I loved this blog, Martha. The rocks are perfect! The rubbish is gone. And I adored the humour with which you wrote this. God almighty, I could imagine you hauling that old chair away. I laughed so hard omg.

  2. Ah the perpetual presentness of the past. We are back where we belong, wondering who’s gonna blow our shit up and what we’ll be doing when it happens. Being human is full of anti-surprises!

    Love your rocks. I think they are getting better every day!

  3. The only moment I smiled was looking at the smiley face and it couldn’t linger on my face! I m trying my best not to cry ..not ever to cry.. But War brings no peace.. I m trying my best not to cry and only to smile even at all these hatred that even war falls in love and transforms into peace!! Most people have forgotten the cold war. Could ya tell the tale again, Martha, that Earthians are reminded which direction they are going.. Again

    • It’s a reminder to live each day to the fullest, to love those we love, to find beauty and joy where we can, not to be those we detest and who are evil. These idiots will not win this stupid deja vu. And if they do, we will not be around to care, but we will have loved those we love, we will have found beauty and joy where we could, we will have been the best people we can be and done the best we could. ❤ I don't know much of the Quran, but I think of this often, "Recite as much of the Quran as is easy for you." There's really a LOT in that little statement. As I recall, the whole passage is a reminder of how small we are.

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