Homage and Gratitude

This morning I’d like to pay homage to science, particularly pharmaceutical science that came up with effective antibiotics.

I’d also like to pay homage to packaging experts who devised a package that is virtually idiot proof.

I’d also like to pay homage to the person who put together an idiot proof prednisone taper pack.

You guys are the BEST.

Also a shout out to the Creator for devising breathing which, I have to say, is WAY better than not breathing. I’ve experienced it for the past three nights and damn, sleep is a LOT better and so is LIFE in general. I’m going to go with this breathing thing as long as I can.

I’d like to request a modification to the original human body model I was issued, however. Maybe there was a recall sent out in the mail and it hasn’t arrived to the back of beyond yet? I don’t know but, I’d like a warning device that says, “Warning! This is NOT a virus. Repeat. This is NOT a virus. Go to the nearest doctor. Repeat. This is NOT a virus. This is a bacterial infection! Bacterial infection. This is NOT a virus. Go to the nearest medical professional.” I appreciate the fact that I was designed to be patient and long-suffering, but seriously.


12 thoughts on “Homage and Gratitude

  1. We complain about medication a lot, so it’s nice to mention when they get it right! I love those pre-designed dosage packages. You don’t have to try and remember if you took today’s dose or NOT. And congratulations on getting a doctor who is on the money for you!!!

  2. I had no idea how cleverly they pack antibiotics these days. It almost makes me wish I’d get sick enough to take some. Almost but not quite. I hope they work their magic on you soon.

    • They’ve worked well, it seems. And only five days on the antibiotics — that’s a great thing. There are the side-effects but it’s so nice to have energy again and to be able to breathe and to have (it seems) found a doctor I like.

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