Wondrous Political Rant

So they redecorated the White House for the new King. This is the most expensive king we’ve had since George III. Every morning I wake up and there is new bizarre, startling and distracting news about this king. This morning he’s pardoned an unpopular, 85 year old racist, law-breaking law-enforcement officer, blocked transgender people from military service, and put strict sanctions on Venezuela.

Vice President Mike Pence said, “we will not stand by while Venezuela collapses into dictatorship.” (PBS)

The irony of that does not escape me. We’re in early days of what may be a comparable situation. The king’s relentless divisiveness, his lack of class, his unpopularity with international leaders, his manic mind-changes all function to keep our leaders and us off balance.

Meanwhile, hurricanes are hitting the south and neither FEMA nor NOAA has a director. The king claims to have everything under control and “leaving nothing to chance” but this is a hurricane. Still, I recognize that the king doesn’t believe in nature or science so you know, he might know things I don’t.

Given the state of the nation, I, personally, can’t think of anything less important than changing the law on transgender military and pardoning a sheriff in Maricopa County AZ. I suspect the families of military men and women who are being deployed because of the king’s notion that escalating a losing war is a good idea probably agree with me.

I read an interview yesterday that could have been called “White Like Me” — it was a black guy who’d gone undercover online as a white guy to find out what was going on in the minds of young white supremacists. Ignorance is what’s going on in their minds (I knew that but nobody listens to me) and brain washing. Not a discovery on par with the ice rings on Saturn, but it’s a little something though to concede that dignifies it beyond its desserts. We all know schools have been bad for a generation 😦

Daily I get posts from my representatives — both Dem and Rep — saying something horrific about the king, but no one seems to be taking action though I think action might be OK with the American people:

Trump is now viewed positively by only 37 percent of Americans, according to Gallup’s most recent weekly estimate. (Obama’s lowest weekly average never fell below 40 percent.) It’s even lower — just 34 percent — in Gallup’s shorter, three-day average, which includes more recent interviews but can also involve more random variation. (CNBC)

My guess is that all of this pot-stirring (campaign rallies, etc.) is to deflect attention from other more interesting news. The king needs to secure his base (of idiots) before the shit-storm surrounding him begins to fly publicly. I think it will. Mueller is moving. 

That news doesn’t get the same attention as do the antics of the flaming orange king, but it’s there.

In other news, a blast of anti-biotics and prednisone have conspired to send the sinus infection packing and give me really horrific dreams in which I’m fighting evil and losing.


14 thoughts on “Wondrous Political Rant

  1. We ARE all fighting evil. Although we aren’t winning, I think maybe — maybe — we aren’t losing. It’s hard to tell for sure at this point, but tRump is losing currency pretty fast. Does anyone — in government as opposed to his “ranks” (has the word “ranks” ever had a better use? — actually believe anything he says?

  2. In the country of the blind the one eyed man is King. I don’t make many comments at the moment over Trump, I am not qualified and do not have to put up with his madness. What makes me more angry are the people who actuallly support him and there are some unfortunately. They are the blind so the one eyed psycopath is now king. I just don’t understand it. Does he really have so many idiots that support him. The Nazis never really disappeared, they just changed their uniform I suppose.

  3. I recently read a rant by a “journalist” that liberals are the new fascist. We are drowning in BS spewed by the most ignorant and it seems “the king” is not so stupid, he chose to announce the pardon the the sheriff convicted of a federal crime (terrorizing his own community” on the day Harvey the Hurricane hit Tx…I guess he didn’t want it to be the main headline.

    • The pardon and some other news were buried intentionally under the hurricane. But seriously, who cares? Joe Arpaio is no longer sheriff anyway. The percentage of transgender people in the military is small AND it was a law that had not gone into effect. AND the fascist Gorka resigned/was fired. The big news is the FBI ransacked Manafort’s apartment and the grand jury has sent subpoenas to Manafort’s marketing company/Manafort.

      The word “fascist” has no meaning any more though it actually means ONE particular thing and liberals cannot possibly be fascists. Got in a FB squabble with a child over this question and realized, “Wait, this kid has no idea what a fascist is.”

      And Harvey? He used to be a six-foot invisible rabbit! 😉

      • I did not know Gorka is gone…that is a good thing! There is some good news after all. I think Trump is a stupid man, the Trans military has been serving for years, and boom, without notice he goes off the deep end. These people have lives, if they do wrong then they should face the same consequences as others, otherwise let them serve their country. A fascist as you know is the opposite of a liberal, she might has said “totalitarian” rather than show her absolute ignorance in saying we need not worry about the nazi’s and white supremacist because liberals are the “fascist”. gag.

      • The trans military is a non-issue — trans make up less than 0.5% of the entire population and of that tiny fraction how many join the military? It’s just a flag he can wave in front of his base so no one pays attention to the fact that MORE PEOPLE are going to fight in Afghanistan. And it’s something liberals can get hopped-up about.

        Generally I think we have not to get excited about every little thing this douche-bag pulls. He knows very well how to push buttons and he is doing it constantly.

      • That’s true Martha, still I think he is a monster to pull the rug out from under minorities that are doing nothing more than serving their country. He will use anything I know to divert and distract from his legal issues, his only concern is for himself and his family members. Yes, after decrying the AFG war and shouting pull out he is expanding the war…well, it’s not his sons that will be fighting over there.

  4. Indeed, ’twas a wondrous rant. I felt better after reading it. I suppose it’s a case of misery loves company, and, Martha, I’m getting to the point where I feel like I can’t stand another day of him.

    • I am there. If I weren’t painting rocks and walking the dogs and, today, moving furniture and rugs around, I don’t know… And then there is explaining to people what fascism is. We did our best, but… 😦

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