Bear Proofing

This morning between 10 am and 11:30 my neighbor and I put up a fence. I was out there at 9 trimming back the lilac hedge and Bob showed up about 10 with a sledgehammer and pliers. Bear hasn’t seen it yet, but soon… One good thing about it is that the lilac hedge will hide it sooner or later. Sometimes I’m amazed at what different ages of people believe possible. I wasn’t able to hire anyone to do this work, but I would have. “I’m not getting in there with those branches,” said one wouldbe contractor. Another said he’d do it for $150 but never showed up to do the work. Another said it couldn’t be done the way I said I wanted it. My neighbor showed up this morning and started working exactly the way I imagined the fence to be put up without my even telling him. I dunno…

I’m so grateful and happy it’s up. I’ve had the materials for 2 years!


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