Quotidian News from the Back of Beyond

Twice a day Dusty T. Dog and Polar Bear Yeti T. Dog unfurl their inner-puppy and they wrestle and play. Never in the yard, always in the living room.

Since she ran away, Bear has been odd. I think she scared herself. She’s been more needy, more attention seeking, more destructive. It’s a situation where I wish I could have a one-to-one conversation with her, but she’s a dog. She’s a dog that clings strongly to a routine, too. And now that summer is FINALLY here (my subjective summer) and I’m doing different things, spending time with humans, painting rocks, trimming dead-heads off flowers, taking her for walks at random times, she’s uncomfortable, too.

But my neighbor is going to help me put up a fence in the side yard so Bear can no longer dive through the lilac hedge and that will be a very positive change in both our lives.

That’s the dog report for today…

Night before last and yesterday I hid my first few rocks and waited to see what would happen. The woman who found the tiger was THRILLED. Lots of people WANTED to find it which made me happy.

I hid the two cute ones at the playground in the park near my house — the bluebird and the turtle — and this was my reward.

I love giving away my art and this is really, really sweet. ❤ I have a couple to hide today.


On the side is a verse from Whitman’s Leaves of Grass, the poem “O Me! O Life!” The scene is the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and Sand Dunes ❤

Running Bunny with Carrot

Country Mouse


10 thoughts on “Quotidian News from the Back of Beyond

    • they sure make people happy and it’s such a small and simple thing. People take their kids out to the park to look for them which I think is awesome. I posted the two cute ones were in the park and a mom was out there within the hour with her son and niece looking for them. 🙂

    • A friend of mine in a small town near Zurich is thinking of starting this in CH. She lives near the forest with lots of walking trails. If she does I’m sending her a rock to put out there. It will be the flag of Colorado and the Swiss flag and a heart between them. That’s me. ❤

    • In today’s rock news, I “hid” Bunny Running with a Carrot next to the most used entrance at the Monte Vista Safeway as I was going in to buy groceries. When I came out, I was a little disappointed that it was still there. I got to my car and looked back just to see if MAYBE and… A beautiful little girl about 3? or 4? anyway in pre-school, who was at Safeway with her grandparents, had found it. She was enchanted and I was enchanted. I have a feeling these are being “found” by the people who should really have them. It’s a huge thing for me. I’ve been feeling really in despair over the news and all the money to fix the garage etc but this is a huge help to me.

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