I got involved in the ‘Painted Rock Movement’ I’m painting rocks and soon will be hiding them around Monte Vista to cheer people up. Why?

I can do this. There are a couple of local Facebook groups just for this. I’m sure they are everywhere! People paint rocks and hide them. If you find one, you can keep it or rehide it. Some of the rocks have made it all the way to other countries and distant states. Some of the rocks are beautiful. Some rocks have inspiring words, some are pictures, some are funny, some are just simple Ms from m&m’s. The point is to brighten someone’s day and godnose we need it.

I painted my first six rocks today. The forth rock was an epiphany. I found my rock painting style and content. Lines of poetry with relevant images, but that  will need some bigger rocks than I picked up today.


Anyway, along with the rock painting fetish I got a thing in the mail that made me want to paint rocks all the more. There is a rally in my town this weekend of the people who believe we’re in the end days according to the Bible. They’re having a revival which is ironic since in the end days well, anyway. Very depressing. I cannot imagine why — if it is the end days — people would want to huddle together in a building and sing and talk about the end days. I would rather cultivate my garden.

So, don’t feel bad if I’m not keeping up. I’ll catch up, I promise. ❤


6 thoughts on “Rocks…

  1. We have those here, too! I love finding them….and re-hiding them. The creativity is amazing. The ‘burning bright’ one is yours? Beautiful, Martha.

  2. My granddaughter got serious about painting rocks when she was younger. I still have some of them in the garden and in various places around the property. They ARE cheerful.

  3. Great idea, i would love to find something like that. Somehow I don’t think it would be popular here. There would be some sort of law against it. You have painted some beautiful rocks.

    • It is certainly cheering people up and my FB wall makes me a lot happier now that it’s largely people showing their newly painted rocks and kids showing the rocks they’ve found. No politics, no anger, no fear just pretty rocks. 🙂

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