Dogs x 6

It’s a beautiful morning here in Colorado Springs where I am hanging out until tomorrow. My friend L plays in a little band and tonight they’re performing so I came up (north) to see the show and see my friends.

Among my friends are three dog friends — Shoe, Satchmo and Coda. My dogs love them and they make a very cute extended pack. Shoe (the black and white one) hurt her paw on some garden edging so she’s not quite herself but as she is a dog, she is putting a good face on the fact that her foot is bandaged, has a sock on it, and a plastic boot.

Shoe and her boot and her bestie, Bear

To get here is a 3 hour drive, the first half over the mountains. La Veta Pass is nothing now, but in winter it can be a nightmare. The long, straight road through the big empty that leads to the pass is one of the deadliest in the United States, and now the Colorado Department of Transportation and posted this on the lit-up sign that normally warns of elk and avalanche ahead, “313 Deaths in 2016. Don’t meet by accident.” People are careless on that stretch of road; most deaths result from illegal passing. I think a lot of drivers look at that landscape and feel oppressed by the emptiness and eager to get it over, or they think, “Let’s GO!!!” or they want to make time before the get to the pass. I have no idea. I’ve seen a couple bad accidents and I’m extremely cautious when I drive it. An example of driver stupidity, I was tailgated yesterday by a gas truck… Why? I just don’t play. I pulled over and let him get WAY ahead…

Yesterday was beautiful, and as I got to the top of the pass, Jimi Hendrix started singing “Voodoo Child” — one of his two songs that I actually like Β — and I thought that was cool.

It’s probably glaringly obvious from this post that I don’t have anything to write but that’s the way it goes. πŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “Dogs x 6

  1. But wonderful photos. Bear always looks as is she is seeing more that what is actually there with a sort of far away glance in her eyes.

  2. I love the photos as well. There’s something particularly welcoming and homey about them. Interesting, “spirit dog”. There’s something interesting there for sure!

  3. You have some amazing dogs there It is, indeed a struggle to keep a pup’s foot all bandaged up. The route you talk of wounds precarious, it is wise to be cautious indeed.

  4. haha! Martha–I had to laugh at the ending (and your wonderful use of the prompt word). I thought this was a great story. You most definitely had something to say. Good move with the tailgater–that kind drives me nuts. No pun…..

    • Thank you! The part I didn’t write is how every time I drive across that empty “stretch” of land I’m grateful again that I get to live there. ❀

      • I think I have told you before, but your love of your land not only shines through, but it beams through your posts every time. They are heartwarmers for me to read, Martha.

  5. I have been traveling and logging very little computer time, so I am behind on your blogs. I want you to know I’ve read all of them from the last time I commented to this point and it felt like I’d had a conversation with you β€” a one-sided conversation since you did most of the talking. Of the posts, the one about whether ants and snakes can amble is my favorite, perhaps because I’ve had similar hilarious conversations with students. It made me laugh aloud; and I assume you laughed as well.

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