a-ROUND and a-ROUND and a-ROUND

Of all the rides in all the cheap carnivals traveling the country, in all the fancy amusement parks across the world, in all the shopping malls in which they’ve been installed I can only say, carousels make me sick. Around and around is bad enough but adding an up-and-down forward movement to that is pure sadism. When I was a little girl, I didn’t feel that way. I know I found the baroque world painted on the carousel at Elitch Gardens enchanting.

People say, “Life is a carousel,” and I don’t know what they mean. Back in the days of long dresses it was a game people played, and there was a brass ring involved that you tried to catch as you passed by. So maybe “life is a merry-go-round” means that you try to catch the brass ring (golden opportunity) and if you don’t, you can try next time? I have no idea. I hope it doesn’t mean life is a sickening ride on a fake animal that goes no where and the good news is it lasts 3 minutes? That’s a very grim metaphor.


27 thoughts on “a-ROUND and a-ROUND and a-ROUND

  1. As a kid I would be in my own world on the carousel, but in the East End of London it was a rare event to see one. I found an old carousel at the local market last week-end. It would work by peddling on the bike on the carousel, or someone would just push it around by hand. That was pure nostalgia. Otherwise, yes, I think I would get travel sickness now from the motions.

      • I have very happy memories of Coney Island. I think we are past that stage now. Last time we were coastering, Garry said “This is it for me!” I guess we all have to know when to quit.

        I loved the carvings. We tried to get Boston to buy one for the commons but the guy with the money wasn’t a fan.

  2. I didn’t see or enjoy any when I was a kid. They were there but by the time they brought them through at the fair I was too old since they were made for smaller children. I’ve only seen them in movies and likewise romanticised there.

    • I can’t reach your blog on WordPress. I get the same message: “Not available on this server.” Just letting you know. I tried resetting you on the Reader, but it didn’t work and even the emails I get got to the “dead letter” department. I hope it’s just me.

      • WordPress wouldn’t even post my post this morning in the new “improved” editor. I had to go to the old editor through Admin. Not my day. 😦 Anyway, the link is marthakennedy.blog Easy!

      • wordpress just released 4.8.1 a maintenance thing. I’ll get Adam to look at that tonight when he has time. He’s working 1 – 7 today. It may be creating havoc on wordpress or users as some of it apparently auto starts and others don’t. My son will know what they’re talking about. hehe thankfully. He’s such an amazing help with all this.

      • So far, for me, it’s been very buggy. It’s dropped people I follow from my Reader. Has not allowed me to post, has frozen my laptop, has presented me with flickering pages. It seems like their update/new editor might have been released before it was ready.

      • I’m thinking so. It’s playing the same games and havoc with me and Marilyn as well. She can’t even find me on reader. apparantly i’m not there at all and she’s tried everything to get to my blog email, reader. nothing works says i’m not available. try again. argh why don’t they check this crap out before releasing it????

      • I’m thinking so. I dropped about 50 followers in a single day and went from 100 posts to 29 that’s significant. I can’t get to anyone except thankfully you and Marilyn and sometimes on and off others but basically the same is happening to me

      • Martha Kennedy just reported she’s got the same issues and a lot of the people she connects with have simply vanished awol because of the new maintenance 4.8.1 so I imagine everyone else is having the same results, or more than not at least dang wordpress, why release something that’s b roken and not check it out first! so ridiculous

  3. What ARE they doing on the server? I use the old version of the interface. I can’t find the pieces I need to work on the “newer, betterer” one. I frequently wish there were another blog to use, but there does not seem to be much choice. I keep hoping someone will off an alternative.

  4. I could deal with a carousel. Not feel good about it when it was over, but I could deal. Now, the merry-go-rounds at my elementary school would leave me in 17 kinds of dizzy, nauseous, hell after being spun at 60 RPM for even a little bit.

    I also avoid the tilt-a-whirl and cups and saucers like most mean avoid death itself and I will NOT allow other people to drive on winding roads. I can manage to have fun on moderate roller coasters, else I’d never visit an amusement part for the rest of my life.

    • I loved Space Mountain and I think i would still love Space Mountain. One dreary December day my stepson and I got to ride it 4 times without waiting in line — no line!!!! It was amazing. 🙂

  5. Remember in the movie Parenthood: Some people ride the carousel, around and around. Others ride the roller coaster… Wise words spoken by the grandma in the film. Thanks. As a sickly child, I was denied roller coasters for many years. But Space Mountain is good…and a few others that got the blood going.

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