We’ve had R-A-I-N, LOTS of rain, and it began its seasonal falling almost IMMEDIATELY after the new garage roof and door were installed. Last evening it rained for HOURS, beginning with a hardcore gully-washer mixed with hail.

I’m not a fan of rain. In fact, I hate it. Four months of it — nearly non-stop — in the People’s Republic of China in ’82/83 cured me of any romantic associations I might have made with rain through poetry and little contact with it. For my town right now it’s a pest.

This is the weekend of the Stampede. Most people have never heard of the Ski (pronounced “sky”) Hi Stampede, but it might be the biggest event in my town — competing only with the Crane Festival. The Stampede is built around the rodeo — the oldest pro-rodeo in Colorado. There are parades on Friday and Saturday (today) and rodeos Friday through Sunday. There’s a big (for us) carnival and tonight there’s a concert and dance.

The end of July is also the beginning of the Great Return — what I call the migration of motorhomes back to Texas from the San Juan Mountains where they’ve spent the summer. The Great Return is usually over before Labor Day and the traffic on my street/US 160 is greatly diminished. This morning the motorhomes will be taking a detour from the highway (my street) down Monte Vista side streets because of the parade. The parade is sweet. It’s slow — there are big gaps between floats and marchers — but it’s great. For the past few weeks the high school band has been practicing in the evenings, marching and playing at the same time.

I hope the pestilential rain holds off today. It’s a big day for my little town and I’m going to the rodeo.

10 thoughts on “Yeee-HAW!

  1. Looking forward to the photos, we only have cows and they are too well fed to bother with a stampede. At least you know that your new garage door is waterproof. I don’t mind the rain, it just now sounds different through the night when it drips from the scaffolding in front of the window.

    • Since rodeo skills are cowboy skills I don’t get the bad press. No one needs to ride a bull — that’s just sensationalism — but the bulls don’t die in the process. My favorite is calf roping.

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