Rio Bravo

All winter, the river ran shallow, sometimes frozen enough for skaters and x-country skiers to play on. The unseasonable warm weather of March brought a quick, early thaw. Heavy snows in the high country raised the river more. Where once I couldn’t see it from the loop trail where I walk my dogs, I could see it easily. Even the little runoff channels that make up the slough were full, high and running fast.

People took advantage of it. Sometime the little parking area had heavy-duty pick-ups loaded with kayaks and boats that would be carried down the bank and “launched.” The current also brought out a paddle boarder or two.

As a kid in eastern Nebraska, I lived hear the Missouri, but I never really had the chance to watch it much. It’s also a pretty “old” river by the time it reaches Bellevue, where I lived. The Rio Grande is a “small” fast river in places through the San Luis Valley, but mostly it meanders across until it makes a sharp right turn in Alamosa and heads to New Mexico, carving a beautiful canyon outside of Taos. It’s a wonderful thing. I’ve loved it since I arrived in 2014 and first saw it, a dark gray ribbon wandering through South Fork.

The photo is the Rio Grande passing “my” slough in March!

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    • Seriously? I just use my cell phone 99% of the time. Thank you, though. I don’t think it’s the photographer. I think it’s the San Luis Valley. ā¤

      • Seriously? Well then, you’re a good phonetographer, lol. Since I don’t have a smart phone myself, I guess I didn’t realize how good the camera technology has become in them.

        But you’re probably right. The subject itself is the reason šŸ™‚

      • I have a camera that was a fancy camera a few years ago. Except for a few of the features that do not exist on my phone (deep zoom, macro) it does no better than my iPhone and I can’t put it in my back pocket. And my iPhone does well with close-ups up to 2 or 3 inches. It’s pretty cool.

      • That is cool! I’m really amazed at the resolution they seem to achieve, particularly considering how small the lens aperture appears. Those microprocessors do a great job of discerning light and color from very little input.

  1. That looks like a nice place for summertime skinny dipping šŸ™‚

    I guess youngsters don’t do that anymore. Tom and Huck would be saddened. šŸ˜¦

    • Lots of kids swim in that river. There is a street bridge not far away (100 feet) and kids drop into the river from under the bridge and swim. Not when it is as high as in the photo (and nearly freezing). They’re probably starting to do it now. I think Huck and Tom would be OK with it. šŸ™‚

  2. I enjoyed your description of the Rio Grande, Martha, in large part because your words mirrored my feelings and thoughts about the Yampa from the first time I saw it through all its seasonal guises to this day. Probably I enjoy it most when I cross country ski along its bank on an early winter morning when its lining trees are frosted and elk bend to drink.

    • ā¤ Yesterday Bear and I took a walk in the rain. It was just wet as it had been raining for a couple of hours. We just walked around in the neighborhood. At some point I said to Bear, "Soon" as if she would understand that in a few months the snow will be back and the winter light, the frosted trees, the elk tracks in the snow, and all the things we love about the cold. I just need to get my furnaced fixed! šŸ™‚

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