Garden Again

There is no fragrance like that of Genovese basil. This little guy tangled with some caterpillars, but so far he’s more than holding his own.

I planted a small meadow. It went nuts. As my neighbor said, “You have a jungle.” Next year I plan to plant a much larger meadow. The plants are not all that fragrant to me, but I planted them for butterflies, bees and birds who seem to be getting the full enjoyment from the blossoms. 🙂



Late blooming Zucchini in a border garden.




Meadow Closeup

4 thoughts on “Garden Again

  1. They are the best meadows, full of fragrance and an attration for butterflies and insects. I even once bought stinging nettle seeds. I had none in the garden and they are a breeding home for a certain butterfly. Even carrots are a gift for Swallowtail butterflies, although mine nested on dill. I always have a pot of basil somewhere. Not only good for a tomato salad and cooking, but gives a breath of Italy in the garden. I love your garden, is looking great.

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