Cultivation Update

My stragedy of gardening against Old 45 is pretty tiring sometimes. Yesterday I trimmed back at least 12 feet of lilac hedge. It’s four feet deep and ten feet tall — not a small job. I still have a long way to go to get it down to a safe and manageable height and depth.

I’m using simple tools. Pruning sheers, hedge trimming sheers and a hand branch saw. It’s really satisfying to see change for the better emerging as the result of my two small hands.

I called it a day when I already had a pile of branches and stuff in the driveway that would make it impossible for me to back out of the garage. More than my trash can could hold. Trash bags are a joke, but there we are. Four of them. Anyway, I was out in the driveway most of the day and pretty achy and tired by the time I walked the dogs in the evening. The dogs were sensitive to my suffering and tried to harmonize their pace to mine.


Hard to tell but some of the branches are 10 feet tall

7 thoughts on “Cultivation Update

    • Not here. Seriously. It’s a weed. It comes up everywhere from runners and it grows to be immense so you can’t even see the flowers. But I’m going to win. πŸ™‚

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  2. Seems like an ongoing quest – Here lilacs aren’t known to spread out, they stay a bush. If I weren’t allergic I’d truly love them, well I can, from afar anyway. As for our pets, aren’t they a delight? I have 1 cat and my daughter’s cat has adopted us as well. Whenever I’m really aching, one or both vie for a spot on my lap or come lay beside me in bed. Animals are so aware, it’s amazing at times, and yet I wonder why I wonder when they show me daily, their love, respect and care. πŸ™‚

  3. Our lilacs are at least that tall, but probably less bushy — and that only because a tree fell on them a few years back and killed about half of them. Also, luckily, they are not in the part of the yard where we go, but back a few feet in the woods. But meanwhile, i’ve got forsythia hedges that have gotten SO tall, they must be at least 9 or 10 feet and other than getting them flattened out on the “grassy” side, they’ve gone completely out of control.

    This very wet year has really made everything worse. Any progress I made has been undone by the wild and crazy growth rate. I’m just hoping to get what Owen calls “the meadow” and I call “that mess of weeds” cut down before the mosquitoes go totally out of control. I am so out of money, there’s no hiring someone, so we wait. But I’ve got GUTTERS and a gutter cleaning thingie, too. It arrived the other day and is in the basement.

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