Disastrous Post

I live in an alternative universe in which workmen take on jobs and then never show up. I’m about to fire the garage door guy. I wanted to fire him last night in a voice message at his work phone, but when I called it, his wife answered and I hung up. Ha ha, that should give them an interesting conversation. Not disastrous, I hope, but interesting. Anyway, I’m torn between calling him and firing him or waiting for him to call me and firing him or waiting for him to show up ( ha ha ha ) and firing him. A little voice inside says, “Don’t call. He blew it,” but that reminds me of dating…

In other disastrous news, the US has, as a “leader,” a guy who doesn’t see anything wrong with his son having met a representative of a foreign and inimical power to get the dirt on the “leader’s” campaign opposition. This is a person with absolutely no ethical center. Such a person cannot be moved or defeated in any normal way. There’s no appealing to his “better” nature. “My son is a quality person.” Well, yeah. Low quality. The “leader” is not the disaster as much as are the people who elected him and the representatives who continue to support his bizarre and nefarious agenda. OH WELL.

Disaster was averted yesterday when Polar Bear Yeti T. Dog got out of the side yard. Once out of the yard (a major highway 50 feet away) Polar Bear Yeti T. Dog dived through the self-same lilac hedge into the front yard where Mindy was lying on the front porch waiting to be let in. It could have gone so wrong, but thankfully Polar Bear Yeti T. Dog has a strong attachment to her house, her pack and person. But she no longer gets to “run” FREEEEEE in the side yard. Her person has a strong attachment to her and doesn’t want a disastrous outcome.


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  1. One disaster after the other, but alls well that ends well, although you still havn’t got your garage door. Luckily Tabby never ventures to the road but stays in her territory where the food is probably.

    • I was very impressed by Bear’s “decisions” and she got loved bigly and cookies for what she did, but she’s not getting another chance. I might be building a fence this summer once I finish topping the 10 foot lilac hedge… Super Oldie! I need a super-hero uniform

      • You need a troop of amish to realise all your projects. I know a few builders that would be glad to help out. After September they will not have any special projects. 🙂

      • Hmmm…. A different garage door guy came out this morning and measured and said he’d get an estimate to me this morning. He has 30 minutes to realize that promise. Seriously. 🙂

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  3. I’d say one real disaster (Trump), one nagging disaster that will eventually be solved (the garage door man) and one near disaster. So glad the last was averted.

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