Return of the Triffids?? Garden Update

At the end of April and all through May I was setting up a garden. “Vegetables,” I thought, “besides tomatoes.” Tomato babies had been growing inside the house since March along with a couple of basil started from seeds.

Four feet square raised bed. All my research said this would grow a lot of veggies. 1 foot victory garden and all that.

So I planted a row of zucchini (four plants) exactly as the package said. I planted a row of Swiss chard, as the package said. There was room for two tomato plants and the basil could fit in somewhere, somehow. Yay! A little garden.

And then…

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I’ve already eaten six zucchinis. I have bought a zucchini recipe book. I can see the future and it is zucchinis. I never imagined anything like this. There is another zucchini plant in the ground in a sunny location. It’s leaves are 6 inches or so across. The ones in the raised bed are easily 18. When my neighbor asked how my composter was working out, I just pointed at the Triffids…

The tomatoes have begun to set on. The basil is happy, if a little crowded. The chard likes it cooler and a little shady so it’s happy (and makes good salad).

7 thoughts on “Return of the Triffids?? Garden Update

  1. I love those zuchetti and you are very lucky. I have grown them in the garden, but not all bare so much fruit – something to do with male and female versions I believe, so it is the luck of the draw with the seeds. Do not ever forget a zuchini, they are then no longer sweet little triffids, but Godzilla lookalikes and have more seeds than flesh and grow and grow and grow. They might even knock on your door in the night when they no longer have space, but don’t let them in.

    • the garden is crazy! I really like it, though. It’s a big reward for all the 80 pound bags of dirt I hauled in and I’m grateful for it. A caterpillar has gotten to the chard. I shall have to dust with diatomaceous earth tomorrow…

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