This morning I got up early because Dusty and Bear, worried about Mindy who was sleeping in my friend L’s room, were whining and barking softly and relentlessly. Bear hates change. Things are supposed to be a certain way or things are wrong. L let Mindy out and all was right with the world, but it was 6:45  and I hadn’t slept well because Dusty had needed out in the middle of the night…


At 8:30, without a dog saying anything, looked out the back window and there were young Amish men climbing up on my garage roof. I was so HAPPY but also worried because I hadn’t deposited the cash to pay them into my checking account and it is Saturday. I wasn’t able to manage it today, just 1/3 of it. But… I’d had no warning, so…

They were happy with what I could give them, the 1/3 and a post dated check.

It took them 3 hours to repair the damaged roof — fixing the spot where the leak had been and putting down a new hard surface — and then cover the roof with fancy-pants rubber roofing. It’s not a big roof, but still. The first people who said they were going to do it said it would take them 3 days. I asked them if they had any other jobs today and they said they had had one, but the people changed their minds at the last minute. I thought, “Hmmm, guess it goes two ways.” I liked them and I liked working with them very much. They were professional, helpful, kept their word, did excellent work.

I’m so happy it’s done. I climbed up on the ladder to look at it and it is really nice, really professional. Now only two more significant repairs — the garage door and the furnace (thermostat). The furnace has to wait until it’s cold enough to even tell if the thermostat is working or not.

L and I went to the pretty town of Creede to the Repertory Theater to see Arsenic and Old Lace. It was hilarious.

It’s been a really good day. I’m exhausted but happy. 🙂


9 thoughts on “Roof!

  1. Why do you think the dogs didn’t bark at the workers? They worked on a Saturday…no one does that anymore! I am happy for you, Martha. One thing outta the way.

    • I guess the dogs took Saturday off! I’m very happy that’s done. It’s been a huge headache and not the kind of thing I handle well at all.

  2. I have to ask — don’t you have a plan with whatever company delivers your oil to also service your boiler? That’s standard here. I pay a flat rate per month which is always a bit more than I owe and when the boiler stops working, they come and fix it, take the cost out of the money in my account and life moves on. I don’t pay a lot for oil, either … less than $100 a month. Less than electricity.

    • In Denver that exists, but not out here. I think it would be as hard for them to find reliable contractors as it is for me. It probably wouldn’t be worth the money to them.

    • It’s pretty wonderful. James and his brother, Markus Miller and their Hispanic driver and worker, Gabriel. The Amish all speak some archaic Bernese Schwitzer Deutsch you and Mr. Swiss would probably understand and they speak English with a very charming accent.

      • Our Solothurn dialect is very near to Bernese Schwietzertütsh, so we would probably understand them quite well. their origial name was probably Müller.

      • I’m sure their name was once Müller. It kind of melted my heart when I asked the younger brother his name and he said, “Markus.” Anyway, I’m going to try to hire them for every other project that comes up. They’re a bit expensive, but they show up and do good work.

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