Just Another Mickey Mouse Song

I was four when the song — “Wringle, Wrangle” — came out and I thought it was great. It has the qualities a four year old looks for in a song. The words don’t make much sense and there is a lot of repetition. I don’t know much about it, where I heard, why I heard it, but somehow it’s connected to my family in Montana (?) It’s extremely obnoxious and the moment I saw todays prompt, it was the first thing that popped into my mind.

I had to look it up. It was composed by the same guy who wrote “Ghost Riders in the Sky” and it turns out he was a former National Park Ranger named Stan Jones. It was performed by Fess Parker on Mickey Mouse Club so I would have heard it here and also on the record I had. The record was red. I played it on a Victrola. My dad had sawed off the legs to the Victrola so I could reach in to play records myself.

It seems the song was originally from the Disney film, Westward Ho! the Wagons which is NOT a very catchy movie title. I don’t think I ever saw the movie. My source, Mouse Tracks, the Story of Disney Recordssays Disney didn’t like the film much. It was Disney’s first live-action film and it wasn’t for kids. But seriously, if you’re going to have little castles as your logo, how mature do you expect your logo to be?

Personally, I don’t think there are many films that are more adult than Fantasia



13 thoughts on “Just Another Mickey Mouse Song

  1. Thanks for the entertaining record, something completely different and I might even have heard it in the years gone bye. I remember Fess Parket, I believe he played the role of Davy Crockett in the film and I was really into Davy Crocket at the time.

      • OMG I remember Fess Parker now, Daniel Boone, of course! I only saw that Disney show on tv once. His beaver hat and yes he was strikingly handsome. Even as a kid I remember that much! hehe

  2. I saw “Westward Ho The Wagons” when I was a kid, and then I watched it again several years ago when I came across it. I liked it — but then I like stories about people with positive morals, personal courage, and compassion for others. There aren’t many movies being made today that embody those elements as major themes. Of course, I also like happy endings, and that gave this movie another plus in my book.

  3. Garry really likes “Westward Ho”, but it’s a very long movie and not a favorite of mine. Garry just loves westerns, so if they aren’t blatantly offensive, he probably likes it.

    We started re-watching “The West Wing” last night. I decided to pretend this IS the presidency and everything else is fake. I can argue with fictional characters about decisions made in a unreal universe. It will make me feel cozy and warm. Westward ho!

    • Good luck with that. I’m just in a kind of shock today about many things (like having a roof and the Amish being awesome contractors though they appeared by surprise). I had a long drive in the car by myself and I thought about the Amish and how they really don’t acknowledge any government. 🙂

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