Sail Away

I took sailing lessons when I lived in California. It was OK, but it never led anywhere. I didn’t like the classes much; we were all supposed to do the same thing at the same time and sail our little Sabots together in formation. I understand she wanted us to learn control of our craft. I wanted to go off by myself and practice without hearing the teacher yelling at this boat or the other. Staying in formation and being yelled at (she yelled so we could hear her; not because she was pissed off) stressed me out. People who are aural learners (and they are the majority) are lucky. They really can learn by being told what to do. I have to try everything out and practice it myself with my own hands. I think that’s a slow and dangerous learning style, but it’s mine. Someone yelling is like a dog barking. I hear the noise, and I’m upset, but what does it MEAN???

Sailing is undoubtedly a cool sport, and for those who are good at it, and have a boat and a nice day, it’s probably very relaxing. To me it’s just going out into an immense treeless expanse in a tiny “wessel” and sitting around. I could do that by donning a life jacket and sitting down in the middle of a potato field — and I’d have less chance of drowning.

Basically, I’m not one of your “water people,” but I’ve had fun in water a few times. When it comes to boats, the pontoon thing with a motor and canopy is pretty nice. We did this once when I was a kid on the Bighorn Reservoir in Montana, and it was enchanting to swim in that cool deep water alongside giant trout. I like rivers and I like swimming in the ocean. The other day when I went to walk the dogs beside the Rio Grande, a couple of guys were putting a boat into the river, a simple row boat. “We’re going to Alamosa!” they said, excited, grinning.

“Have fun!” I answered, excited for them, a little envious, grinning.

2 thoughts on “Sail Away

  1. I agree all the way. Water is so wet and not my element, except for in the bath. I am also a person “learning by doing” and in Switzerland I often find I have problems to really understand what the whole thing is about – Swiss German can have some strange expressions.

    • I have to pay very close attention to understand spoken instructions. I did pretty OK in CH last year with the announcements at the train stations, but I had to shut out all the distractions, including my friend who didn’t seem to realize that I was listening very hard. I think in my case it might be a matter of having learned to tune out some sounds.

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