A beautiful sailing story! 🙂

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We named our little sailboat Gwaihir, the wind lord. Really, she was the wind lady. A bit pretentious for such a little boat, but I thought it would be a lucky name. She was a 16 foot soling, a centerboarder, drawing just 16 inches with the board up. I used to tell people Gwaihir could sail on a wet hankie and I believed she could.

Soling Drawiing

She was a surprisingly stable craft. We carried a 5 HP outboard motor so when tide and wind were against us, we could still get home. In the old days, sailboats had to drop anchor and wait for one or both to shift. Today, we have to get home for dinner … so we have outboards.

When my husband had the time and felt particularly frisky, we took Gwaihir out through Sloop Channel and Jones inlet into the ocean. Even a 3 foot roller looks…

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