I know some things, but they are not especially useful. There are many, many more things I do not know. The things I don’t know, there are so many and most are practical, are sometimes overwhelming. I LIKE it when someone tells me what to do. Granted, I might not do what I’m told, but I appreciate it, even though — like everybody else, being told what to do when I KNOW what to do can raise my hackles. I try to put a good face on that.

A friend of mine — who’s owned many properties, does construction and home repairs and is professional gardener — came through Tuesday. I love seeing her. We spent our adolescence on the same street and her older brother was one of my two best friends. She wanted to see my garage. I wanted her to see my garage. My house is old, but it was built at a time when construction was done differently than it is now, in many ways, it is more solid. The walls of my garage are obviously square and there is a real foundation. Through all the leaky roof drama, I have never thought the garage had to be torn down or anything radical had to happen to it, but I was prepared to do that if that was what it was going to take to fix the door and the roof.

My friend stood in the garage, looked at the way it was built, looked at the leak and said, “You just need the roof fixed and a new door. This is a good, solid garage. Leaks are bad, though. You gotta’ fix that. Call a roofer and a garage door guy.”

It sounds so simple and obvious, but for me, somehow, that’s not simple. I was very, very grateful for being told what to do by someone who had knowledge. It was nice that the knowledge corroborated my instinct, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

So a garage door guy came out yesterday with a catalog and measured and then said, “What kind of door do you want?”

I said, “An economical one.”

“What color?”

“Uh, color? I don’t care.” I honestly do not care. My garage is in the alley. It’s ugly (in general but not for here), paneled in steel. It’s never going to win prizes or be featured in Architectural Digest.

“Do you want windows?”

“Windows are nice. I had a garage once with windows. I liked it.”

“Uh, I don’t want to sound stupid or anything,” he said, “but with a garage like this on an alley, I don’t think windows are a good idea.”

Thank you. I wouldn’t think of that. “Good call. No windows then.”

“How about this one, these squares and in white.”

“White’s good,” I said, idiotically but he agreed as we are both white haired.

All I want is something I can close and lock that’s weather tight and safe.


“We can do this with metal. You want a metal roof?”

“I like that idea. You can slope it more than this, right?”

“It’ll cost more.”

“That might be OK.”

They never asked me what color. 🙂

So, thanks to my friend, I might be getting somewhere with this. I hope so.

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