The Bear Report, Chapter 1, My Real Human

My Real Human says most stories start at the beginning, but my story has to begin when I remember something. Forever and ever I was with my mother and brothers and sisters in a warm barn, but then I was in a machine going very fast, and then I was all alone. Someone said, “Blue eyes,” and another voice said, “No one will want her. They’ll think she’s blind.” The Humans put me beside the road and drove away. I waited but they didn’t come back. I smelled something to eat and went to find the food because I was hungry. Then a man came and picked me up and put me into a machine and took me to my second home. There were many other dogs there and we lived in our own cages.

Maybe this sounds like a sad story, but if I hadn’t been left like that in Center, Colorado, and picked up and taken to My Second Home, my Real Human never would have found me.

There was a Kind Human there and she took lots of pictures of me. I know about this because my Real Human also takes pictures of me.

When my Real Human came, I knew her the moment I saw her. She walked toward me in that strange, awkward way humans have. If I walked that way I’d fall. I was jumping up against the fence to see and make sure there was no danger. When my Real Human looked at me, I sat down so she would know I recognized her. She understood.

The Kind Human said something to my Real Human. They both came into my cage. I felt shy. I put my paw on my Real Human’s lap and she pet me. I could feel she knew I was her dog.

The Kind Human said some words, that my Real Human would have to wait.

“OK,” said my Real Human and she left.

When my Real Human returned, I was happy. Other humans had come to meet me, but they were not my Real Human. The Kind Human knew this, too. My Real Human brought what I now know is a way for me to stay close to her to keep her safe. She fastened it to my collar. We took our first walk. I smelled other dogs mixed with her smell. I sensed she was not sure they would like me.

“Take her home and see,” said the Kind Human.

For the third time I got into a terrifying machine — now I’m used to it — and went to Our House for the first time. There I met the Other Dogs. El Barquero Grande, (Our Human calls him Dusty) and Fluffy Poop Eater (Our Human calls her Mindy).

El Barquero sent me messages that said, “Leave me alone. I am sad. You are not Lily T. Wolf.”

Now I know that Lily T. Wolf is one of the Old Ones, and she is in the Great Forest now. Our Human explained this to me. I understood because there was a smell in our house that did not match Fluffy Poop Eater or El Barquero.

After a while, Our Human put me back in the machine and we went back to the Kind Human.

In two days, my Real Human came back for me. I was so happy!

The Day I got Bear

My human showed me where to pee and poop. That was easy because the smell of El Barquero’s pee and poop was already there. I put my smell there, too, so El Barquero would understand.

El Barquero was inside sleeping on the floor, so I laid down next to him. His body tightened, but I didn’t move. I was very quiet. I know if a creature is nervous, the best thing is for me to move slowly and to be gentle. El Barquero relaxed a little bit.

When it was dark, and time for me to go outside and guard animals, Our Human tried to put me into a cage. She did not put El Barquero or Fluffy Poop Eater into cages, so I did not want to go. I did not want to be different, and how would I guard our house if I were fastened in a cage? I kept trying to tell this to Our Human. Suddenly I saw that she got the message. She went into her Sacred Sleeping Chamber and I slept with El Barquero and Fluffy Poop Eater.

And that was my first night at home.


On Facebook, Polar Bear Yeti T. Dog has a small following (because I have a small following). Some people think I should write her story. Here’s my first attempt… Do you want to read more?

17 thoughts on “The Bear Report, Chapter 1, My Real Human

    • Thank you! Bear is a very communicative dog. She understands more complete and complex sentences than any other dog I’ve had, but I think it’s because she actually cares what I’m saying.

  1. O Goodness! It was such a fantastic approach to give voice to your Bear 🙂 It felt so authentic as if truly she is saying all those in her mind! you are a passionate mind reader- “I know if a creature is nervous, then the best thing is for me to move slowly and to be gentle.” Loved it!! ❤ to the dogs.

    • Thank you! 🙂 Bear is a livestock guardian dog bred to work with the most nervous and stupid animals, sheep. She really does “know” that is how to be. When I’m upset, stressed or scared she treats me just like she would treat a little scared lamb. She stays very close to me, leans against me and does everything she can to make sure I know she’s there to protect me. When my ex-husband and his grandson were here last summer, Bear took very good care of the little boy. It was a joy to watch. I also think that, gentle and friendly as she is, if there were a real enemy she’d do some serious damage. The dog in this video is the same breed as Bear. ❤

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