Natty Bumppo is probably the quintessential American hero. He is a rugged individualist,  master of the wilderness, protector of women and children, the first to “light out for the territory ahead of the rest,” despising civilization as he paradoxically helps move it further into the woods he loves so much. He’s also the hero of many of the novels written by James Fenimore Cooper.


As a little girl, I met Natty’s creator in a pack of Author cards, a form of Old Maid that was a popular game at my house. Included on those cards were Washington Irving, Louisa May Alcott, Charles Dickens, Emily Dickinson, Alfred Lord Tennyson and others. I didn’t read James Fenimore Cooper’s work until graduate school. It turned out that I liked Natty very much.

Here’s a MUCH better take on Natty Bumppo from a blog I follow (and like very much) and a blogger I think I might have a few things in common with, not the least where our minds went with the word “Natty.” Stbarbebaker —

13 thoughts on “Authors

  1. I remember those author cards. There were famous painter cards, too. While I leaned more toward Dickinson and the Brontes then, I appreciate James Fenimore Cooper now. Great use of the prompt.

  2. And now I have learned something new. I know James Fenimoore Cooper, but have actually never read any of his books – not exactly part of our english litereature studies in school. We were more into Charles Dickens, but who knows, I am always searching for something completely different.

  3. OMG AUTHOR cards! Every kid had a set and every set was missing a few matches, so to make a set in which someone could win the game required several kids to work together. Yeah, right. Sure. But I did get to know a few authors. That’s something, right?

  4. What a game! I wonder if it is still available.

    Did you see the movie, “The Last of the Mohicans” with Daniel Day-Lewis? (And music by Enya!) I loved it.

    I wanted to be Natty when everyone else wanted to be Davy Crocket or Daniel Boone.

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