I Hate Summer

What can I say? It’s the most egregious season. There are mosquitoes, ticks and rattlesnakes. There’s heat. Summer has always made me feel that I should be DOING something I’m not, or involved in something, and I don’t know what it is. Teaching summer school was a break from the stress and it was extra $$$. But those days have passed.

I’ve always felt this way. I think it’s a reverse version of Seasonal Affective Disorder. My whole mood and attitude toward life brightens after summer is over. Fall is a happy transition into what I really like — winter. I like the cold temperatures, I don’t like yard work much and I love snow. I truly love it. I like the winter sky and the varieties in a winter landscape. Summer is just green. It’s hard to see anything through the foliage on the trees.

I suspect my dog shares my feelings. We went on a lovely walk yesterday with a friend, but at the end, Bear was beat — thirsty and tired. Later, when it spit rain a bit, began to get dark and cooled off, we were both ready to go out again. Evenings are the closest things to winter we’re going to have for a while.

Today I faced reality. I put on shorts and dragged my flip-flops out of the closet. “How old are you guys, anyway?” They didn’t answer (for which I’m grateful) but I think they’ve been around 7 years or more. The shorts are even older (good job LL Bean). And I am older, still.

Oh well. It’s just 3 months. We’ll get through.

15 thoughts on “I Hate Summer

  1. Amazing hoar frost scene! The green of summer, and blossoms are enchanting, but one can truly bundle for the winter, but not truly escape the summer heat. Nifty capture on summer

  2. I should make this photo my screen saver. We are just gearing up for summer. Hurricane season started June 1. Nothing like losing electrical power in the dead of summer…..

    • I’m just grateful I’m not in Southern California now. We lost power almost daily because shutting off power helped prevent fires. The summer I left, by June, it was hitting 104 by 9 am. My heart goes out to you, Lois. Now that I’ve written this, maybe that’s why I hate summer. Maybe because it really was the most grueling season for a long time. :O

    • YES!!!!! I think Bear and I could endure the ocean and the cold as well as being in another place. We could, uh, bear it. You’d have to take care of Dusty and Mindy, though. Mindy is a sofa dog and Dusty is very well trained and he’s a good guardian. My neighbor across the street is from Australia. You’d feel right at home and there are many beautiful mountains to enjoy and interesting culture just an hour to the south.

      • I don’t really have neighbours – most of the block is holiday lets – but I’m sure my daughter would fill you in on the local customs – provided Bear didn’t eat Herbie, who is much smaller!

  3. We are kindred spirits when it comes to the seasons, Martha. Winter is my favorite. I like its drama — except when I have to drive long distances in it, which I don’t do much anymore. Then comes fall, followed by spring, with summer lagging way behind. It’s just so damn hot. But I do like watermelon.

    • That’s the order of my list, too. Spring is weird. It’s all full of promises that are completely undependable like apple blossoms and lilac, OK this year a late winter storm nipped those in the bud, literally, but that’s how it is with promises. 🙂 I like Rocky Ford cantaloup and peaches from the western slope. In fact, in my old journals I found (from the early 90s!) a sticker from a Colorado peach I bought in the market back in San Diego. It was that much of a wonder to me at the time. ❤

  4. Whereas it is cold enough HERE to turn on the heat, but the heat is NOT on because I do not believe in heat after mid April. So we shiver and wear sweaters. And it’s raining, which really IS keeping the caterpillars at bay.

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