When Dogs Get Avid

Overall, my dogs are pretty calm. But they have their passions. Bear, as everyone knows, avidly loves snow. Mindy loves food. Dusty T. Dog loves me. Right now we’re visiting my friend in Colorado Springs who also has three dogs — two of them equal one Dusty. It seems like I brought up a herd of small horses to hang out with her dogs.  All six of them bark with passionate avidity at the mailman and the trash man and anyone who walks by with dogs.

Dog Avidness is pretty avid and can be scary. It can be accompanied with bared teeth and loud barks. Bear is currently perched on the highest spot in the living room watching for enemies outside.

All six of these guys are avid about rawhide chews, running out the dog-door at my friend’s house, and playing with each other.


3 thoughts on “When Dogs Get Avid

  1. I must say I really admire your collection of big dogs, it seems the bigger the better. I have never had a dog, I would have loved one, but London is not the right plaster for a dog and now it is too late. Mr. Swiss grew up with dogs, his father had 7 hunting dogs in their own enclosure outside, but they always had a house dog inside.

  2. My son was just here, which Gibbs feel he must bark a lot to remind me we have company. But both dogs are on constant watch for the potential approach of Any Other Canine. A dozen burglars could come through the house, take anything they wanted and there would be NO problem, as long as they supplied a cookie to each dog. Maybe two cookies.

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