Buying $100 Jeans for $15 on eBay: the Holy Grail

Ah, fashion. What a strange world you are.

I found some jeans I like a few years ago and I bought two pair.  Damn, if they haven’t worn out. One pair of them, anyway, shot to hell. The other I’m saving “for good.” I like them, and I still wear them, knees poking out and so on, but I know the truth. I’m a 65 year old woman and the shredded jeans look isn’t cool on me. I actually don’t think it looks good even on Kim Kardassian. In fact maybe especially not on Kim Kardassian.

So I went to the catalog (new edition) from which I bought them. Found the “same” ones. Ordered them. Hang the price, I love these jeans. They arrived. I put them on. They turned out to be baggy, shapeless high waters (on me that’s saying something; I have short legs — these were cut for small fry). Definitely NOT the jeans I love. But I kept them because, well, I needed jeans. It’s not a style that works with punk rock t-shirts. I’m not sure it’s a style at all.

Jeans today often have spandex. After a day or two the spandex had spanded and I could take off these jeans without opening them.

“That means they’re too big,” said my friend. Nothing gets past her.

Then I — on a whim — went on eBay. These jeans I loved were an old model. Maybe???

I’d like to end this story on a happy note, to say, “I found them on eBay for a fraction of the price” because that’s what all of us what to hear, but I haven’t found them, not that I’m sure of. Maybe. A pair that LOOKS like them is headed to me in the mail. $15.


18 thoughts on “Buying $100 Jeans for $15 on eBay: the Holy Grail

  1. That’s the problem with jeans, they come in all fractions of sizes and shapes and finding the same one again is not easy. I now live in an stretching world, and I no longer even possess jeans that would fit me.

  2. I used to get a LOT of of clothing on eBay. I also sold a lot of clothing there, too. The hard part was figuring out what size I was for a particular pair of pants. There’s no such thing as “a size” anymore. Each company makes each item separately without regard for people who might wear it. I could understand it better if it was between different companies, but even within one company, each pair is a whole new ballgame.

    This used to ONLY apply to women’s clothing, but now, it has spread. Men’s clothing is sized by item too. Garry was — IS –the same size forever. Except for now. When he isn’t. He is anything from a small to a large, depending on manufacturer, and price be damned. The only trustworthy items are jeans from LLBean. I can’t wear them, but he can. If he washes them twice before wearing them. And they don’t shrink too much.

    • I have worn shorts from LL Bean forever, and last year I replaced a pair. They were almost — but not quite — the same. They had decided to make the legs narrower because people asked for it. I didn’t ask for it. I like baggy shorts. I think the solution is to sew but I don’t see that happening. I have a friend who sews everything she wears. Her jeans always fit.

  3. Martha, you have a unique talent, to make a simple story about jeans, into a tome of beauty.

  4. Apparently you are meant to buy jeans a size too small, because when they stretch they will fit you perfectly.. personally I have never done that as I can never fit in the damn things to stretch them out in the first place!

  5. As a former manager for American Apparel up here in Canada (before the company went bankrupt and out of business) I can tell you … jean trivia can be a rabbit’s hole, and they are definitely not a one-size-fits all type of garment. Make peace with the fact someone, somewhere, will always be telling you you’re doing it wrong; self proclaimed Jean Experts are not the strong silent type haha.

    If you’re looking for denim so durable it’s practically bulletproof, google Selvage Weight Jeans or something to that effect. It’s a variety of cotton denim, not a particular brand. The fabric doesn’t have spandex or anything like that, and has the weight you’d expect from an old-school dungaree from the fifties; I swear, these things could survive nuclear war. Just know that the Achilles heel for selvage denim garments is their very particular care instructions — they’re easy to crucify if you wash them incorrectly.

    Damn, you’ve inspired me. Maybe I should write an article about jeans on my blog, Compound Exorcises. If I do, I’ll send ya a link!

  6. I am still wearing a pair of jeans that originally (almost 30 years ago) belonged to my second daughter’s first boyfriend’s brother. They made them to last, once. 🙂
    As for KK – no doubt those ever-so fashionable jeans would have fed and African village for years. And teamed with stilettos? So… Words fail me

  7. I won’t buy jeans that have holes in them. The point of jeans, I thought, was to find something that would last! Good luck with ebay. You are braver than me!!

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