Buying $100 Jeans for $15 on eBay: the Holy Grail

Ah, fashion. What a strange world you are.

I found some jeans I like a few years ago and I bought two pair.  Damn, if they haven’t worn out. One pair of them, anyway, shot to hell. The other I’m saving “for good.” I like them, and I still wear them, knees poking out and so on, but I know the truth. I’m a 65 year old woman and the shredded jeans look isn’t cool on me. I actually don’t think it looks good even on Kim Kardassian. In fact maybe especially not on Kim Kardassian.

So I went to the catalog (new edition) from which I bought them. Found the “same” ones. Ordered them. Hang the price, I love these jeans. They arrived. I put them on. They turned out to be baggy, shapeless high waters (on me that’s saying something; I have short legs — these were cut for small fry). Definitely NOT the jeans I love. But I kept them because, well, I needed jeans. It’s not a style that works with punk rock t-shirts. I’m not sure it’s a style at all.

Jeans today often have spandex. After a day or two the spandex had spanded and I could take off these jeans without opening them.

“That means they’re too big,” said my friend. Nothing gets past her.

Then I — on a whim — went on eBay. These jeans I loved were an old model. Maybe???

I’d like to end this story on a happy note, to say, “I found them on eBay for a fraction of the price” because that’s what all of us what to hear, but I haven’t found them, not that I’m sure of. Maybe. A pair that LOOKS like them is headed to me in the mail. $15.


14 thoughts on “Buying $100 Jeans for $15 on eBay: the Holy Grail

  1. That’s the problem with jeans, they come in all fractions of sizes and shapes and finding the same one again is not easy. I now live in an stretching world, and I no longer even possess jeans that would fit me.

  2. I used to get a LOT of of clothing on eBay. I also sold a lot of clothing there, too. The hard part was figuring out what size I was for a particular pair of pants. There’s no such thing as “a size” anymore. Each company makes each item separately without regard for people who might wear it. I could understand it better if it was between different companies, but even within one company, each pair is a whole new ballgame.

    This used to ONLY apply to women’s clothing, but now, it has spread. Men’s clothing is sized by item too. Garry was — IS –the same size forever. Except for now. When he isn’t. He is anything from a small to a large, depending on manufacturer, and price be damned. The only trustworthy items are jeans from LLBean. I can’t wear them, but he can. If he washes them twice before wearing them. And they don’t shrink too much.

    • I have worn shorts from LL Bean forever, and last year I replaced a pair. They were almost — but not quite — the same. They had decided to make the legs narrower because people asked for it. I didn’t ask for it. I like baggy shorts. I think the solution is to sew but I don’t see that happening. I have a friend who sews everything she wears. Her jeans always fit.

  3. Apparently you are meant to buy jeans a size too small, because when they stretch they will fit you perfectly.. personally I have never done that as I can never fit in the damn things to stretch them out in the first place!

  4. I am still wearing a pair of jeans that originally (almost 30 years ago) belonged to my second daughter’s first boyfriend’s brother. They made them to last, once. 🙂
    As for KK – no doubt those ever-so fashionable jeans would have fed and African village for years. And teamed with stilettos? So… Words fail me

  5. I won’t buy jeans that have holes in them. The point of jeans, I thought, was to find something that would last! Good luck with ebay. You are braver than me!!

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