Mosey Along

“Hard to find a good chuckle these days.”


“Oh, life’s gotten very serious. I can’t believe I was anxious about the returns in an obscure election in Georgia. Sure wish that guy had won and there didn’t need to be a runoff.”


“And I’m not even a Democrat.”

“No. You want some coffee?”

“Had mine, thanks.”

“I miss the Far Side.”

“Me too. Those were good for a chuckle.”


“Back in 1986, I had a party up in the Cuyamaca Mountains based on the Far Side. That very comic up there. Potluck picnic followed by a mosey.”

“How did it work?”

“I’m not sure my friends in California understood the idea of a mosey. They thought it would be more organized, but I tried to explain that in a real mosey — as opposed to a cartoon mosey — people just go where they want. They mosey over to that tree, they mosey down to the lake, they mosey over to the road, they mosey over to their car with a picnic basket. Moseying is more a way of life than a race, but yeah, in the comic, it’s a race.”

“I hope everyone had a good time.”

“They did. Everyone was happy to be up in the mountains anyway. They wanted it to be an annual event, but we only did it once. Well, I got to get out there and mosey back and forth across the lawnย with the mower.”

“Again? You did that last week!”

“Yeah. I’m starting to remember why I don’t like summer all that much. You have housework and yard work. In winter, you just shovel the walks once in a while.”

13 thoughts on “Mosey Along

  1. I’m trying to love and embrace work, especially in nature…the smurfs set a shining example for all

  2. Moseying about sounds like fun! We had the Far Side cartoons here too, great cartoons! Sounds as if you’re really enjoying your new environment, Martha. Lovely walks now that spring has sprung.

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