Don’t Mess With the First 30 Minutes…

Each morning Dusty T. Dog and I join in a silent chorus of, “There’s nothing quite as lovely as coffee in the morning.” Once he, Mindy and Bear have been outside, have breakfasted, my breakfast (a smoothie) is made and the coffee is done, we sit down, check email (nothing), check Facebook (nothing), open the prompt, and I (probably) write my post, while he waits for me to finish my coffee. Dusty loves the last bit in the bottom of my cup. I use cream in my coffee. Who wouldn’t like it?

Meanwhile, Bear demonstrates (passionately) her understanding of the rewards that come with the command “Down!” so that she can have (another) little rawhide chew. I no longer even say, “Down!” She’s also learning to talk which is making me think there was a husky in the woodpile after all. Mindy finishes her chew and wants to go to the front yard to greet the neighbors on their morning constitutionals.

This is our ritual and we cling to it tenaciously wherever we go. After our coffee and rawhide we’re up for almost anything.

7 thoughts on “Don’t Mess With the First 30 Minutes…

  1. I myself am having coffee. After this, there will be a day. A warm day. With doors opened to greet the (finally) warm winds. But first, more coffee.

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