Dusty’s Territorial Pissings

I have my territory. I make sure every morning that its boundary is reinforced by my Magical Territory Defining Urine. Especially the fence because Joan, the cattle-dog, lives on the other side of the fence and if I don’t let her know every morning and several times afterwards until night, she might penetrate the territorial boundary and all order in the universe would be upended.

Then there are other territories and I share them with many other canines with their humans and creatures such as Pungent, Solitary Red Brother with a Sense of Humor (fox), Goofball Howling Pack Brother (coyote), Wandering Large Animal with a Family (elk), Graceful Furtive Leaping Creature With Yummy Poop (deer) and Large Scary Predatory Mammals (cougar and bear) as well as some other creatures such as Masked Short Rolling Catlike Thing (raccoon) whose scent I find near our territory, too.

My favorite of these is the Land of the Eastern Smells by the River. When we arrive at the Land of the Eastern Smells by the River, I leave my messages using Magical Territory Defining Urine several times at the beginning. Then, once my presence has been made known, I am free to explore, leaving Magical Territory Defining Urine only where necessary, for example, were another canine has left an unfamiliar scent. Possibly that canine is hostile and I need to let it know that this is a shared territory.

Once I met two of the canines who sometimes visit the Land of the Eastern Smells by the River. They were familiar to me from their scent, but their human was afraid I would hurt them because they were smaller. It’s very difficult for a canine to express himself fully to a human through scent, but if I could, that human would have known I knew his canines by their scent ,and I was happy to meet them.

There are many amazing scents at the Land of the Eastern Smells by the River, so I like going there very much. Here is one of the things I smelled and showed my human:


My other territory is the Land of the Northern Scents by the Burned Farmhouse, but we only go there once in a while because there are often humans with big metal sticks walking around. My human usually doesn’t go there unless there is Bear’s Magic White Ice covering the ground..

We canines have many kinds of territory, but the most important territory is that we share with our humans. Our territory, which I share with Bear and Mindy, houses my human whom I love more than anything in the world. This is our Sacred Territory and unless our human says it’s all right, no one can come here.


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  1. And NEVER do they run out of that Magical Territory Defining Urine. I used to watch with amazement at the number of markings a single male dog of ANY size could leave. Maybe people should do that. It would be a lot cheaper than big armies. You think?

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