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Old 45 has a symbiotic relationship with Twitter and commercial television. He uses them to effect policy. Yesterday he did a promo tweet for a TV show, “Watch @JudgeJeanine on @FoxNews tonight at 9:00 P.M.” It seems that “Judge Jeanine” was set up to say something Old 45 couldn’t.

That was, “Paul Ryan needs to step down…The reason? He failed to deliver the votes on his health care bill … The one that he had seven years to work on … The one that had to be pulled to prevent the embarrassment of not having enough votes to pass.” (source)

First a government official shouldn’t advertise for a television show. Second, well, here:

“She added: ‘I want to be clear. This is not on President Trump. No one expected a business man to completely understand the nuances, the complicated ins and outs of Washington and its legislative process.’

Anyone running for any government office should understand the “nuances, the complicated ins and outs of … (the) legislative process.” And if they DON’T they should accept help from those who do or, better still, don’t run for office.


As for the bill, the only way this will work is if the functioning republicans (not the Freedom Caucus) and the democrats get together and build something that will work and that the majority of both parties can vote for. Even more important, it should be GOOD for people. I don’t think some of the people in government (Old 45 tops the list) understand they are governing an entire nation and ALL the people in it, even the pink pussy hat wearing women carrying “Not My President” signs. Government subsidized healthcare really is life or death for millions of people in this country. It’s not politics at all.


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  1. My jaw is still on the floor from hearing those “Let me be clear…” words this morning.

    I agree with you. I have no problem with a business man or woman being the leader of a nation, but I sure as hell expect the leader to have a firm understanding of ALL aspects of the job.

    • At the very least he should know he’s EVERYONE’S president. This bill was not even discussed with democrats. No one sought their advice or input.

      • I don’t think he even considered involving the stakeholders. He hasn’t got a clue about politics, the give and take, the working cooperatively. He’s so much the paternalistic overlord who expects people to obey his every command. He made his wishes known during the campaign, “Health care for all” and then figured his minions would make it so.

  2. “I don’t think some of the people in government … understand they are governing an entire nation and ALL the people in it”

    That used to be my working definition of a non-democratic system. Now it seems that many democracies around the world take this as a working assumption.

    • Yep. I am sure that right-leaning leaders lean right and vice-versa but a good leader will not ignore vast numbers of people in his country as Old 45 does… I think that’s called something other than democracy…

  3. Yesterday on CNN — a day which annoyed Garry because they were talking about Nancy Pelosi as if she were the best ever speaker of the house when it fact, it was TIP O’NEILL, but the announcers were too young to remember anything before cable boxes — they were talking about living in some graphic novel with super villains. Did they just notice that the world has changed?

    Yes, the congress could do something wonderful for us if they got off their political shticks and decided to try. I don’t think they will. I don’t think they even realize they can create a bill without a president’s signature on it. They have forgotten everything.

    And they should ALL KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON. How can they actually believe otherwise?

    • Life goes on, Marilyn. One generation’s Tip O’Neill is another generation’s Nancy Pelosi. Youth isn’t a crime. Think of all the things we wouldn’t know now in our great wisdom if we hadn’t been young and hadn’t fucked up. 😉 And considering nothing this absurd has happened before in my lifetime, I’m sort of “young” as far as it’s concerned. I hate politics, but here I am.

      I think, ideally, government should work so well that people can go on with their lives without thinking about their government. That’s good government. I’m somewhat hopeful about congress right now. Some Repubs are disgusted by the situation they’re trying to work in. If the Dems can avoid being smug and bitter (seems to be a double whammy some of them cling to) there’s hope. Bernie’s going to submit a bill to the Senate for Medicare for all. It’s a start. He knows it’s not going to go, but it’s a place to begin.

  4. Well said, Martha. Though I quit watching news shows and reading news sites because I decided doing so was hazardous to my health, after a few days I was drawn back to the horror show. I can’t help myself. I think this sentence from one of your replies to a comment is very wise, and I worry that it will not happen, at least for four years: “I think, ideally, government should work so well that people can go on with their lives without thinking about their government. “

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