Flashback and I Never Did Acid

Listening to the hearings this morning in which FBI Director Comey was asked a lot of (often very leading) questions by the House Intelligence Committee shot me back to the days of being a new college grad, unemployed and watching the Watergate hearings.

I kept hearing one hypothetical question after another and one question about the future after another and Comey consistently saying, “I can’t answer hypothetical questions,” “I cannot respond to that; that’s a hypothetical question” and the interrogator would respond, “No it’s not; I’m asking about the future.” Comey was very patient and (I believe) honest in those responses. He even said, “I don’t know,” when he could not have known. He took the time to explain why he couldn’t answer hypothetical questions, and that impressed me. Reality is always far more intricate than our imagination, well, maybe not more intricate than Old 45’s imagination which seems to be a raging machine of weirdness and paranoia. I think he did a lot of drugs in the 70s hanging out at Studio 54.

I don’t know what the results will be, though I know what came out of it. The election was manipulated by the Russians and Trump Tower was not “surveilled” by Obama. It remains to be seen if anyone in the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians.

I read an article yesterday that set forth the new dynamic in the world, no longer “Communism vs. Democracy” but “Authoritarianism vs. ????“. I honestly forgot the opposite as it was presented, but it’s NOT Old 45. ???? is whatever he’s not and Putin’s not and various other people were not… Are not.

The point interested me.

Still I cannot believe that only a year ago, in spite of the debates and the hoo-ha of the election, the country was working pretty well and relatively peacefully. I wasn’t checking the news every few minutes to find out what was going on with a deranged entity who claimed he was “my” president. I trusted the government to do what it did without my noticing it and I felt mentally and emotionally free to carry on my life as a famous writer, owner of dogs and resident of Heaven. What I watched this morning saddened me and I was — am — upset by the waste. Here are people who have a job to do, a job that (god willing) they never have to do because things are working as they should. Money spent. Work in other areas not done all because of Old 45.

Here’s a President who lies, who steals — his income that he vowed not to accept, millions of dollars a week so he can go to Florida — who accuses honorable people of terrible crimes, who’s surrounded himself with evil human beings, has put out a budget plan that cuts many of the small, good things my tax dollars funds, and who may have been involved in an act of treason. I believe he needs to be put on trial; he needs to testify under oath. I don’t see any other way to get our questions answered.

All we can do is what we are doing. As the Koreans say, “A thousand strokes of a feather will cut down a tree.”  Even the rednecks who voted for him are beginning to see that they will not have affordable health insurance under ANY of the plans that are floating around Washington now. Some of them say, “I still like the guy. I’m sure he’ll come around.” Yeah, well…  It’s hard not to try to save face, but when their diabetes meds are ripped from their hands, when their government subsidized jobs are gone from the face of the earth, they’re going to realize what, in fact, a more liberal government has done for them.

4 thoughts on “Flashback and I Never Did Acid

  1. Yup. We are doing what we can in a situation we never anticipated — even those of us who expected it to be bad, we didn’t expect it to be THIS bad. This is like really super horrendously BAD. We ONLY watch the news once and often cut it off quickly because it gets overwhelming. Our political reality sucks, but I try to remember that my friends are still my friends and life is my life.

  2. Well said, Martha. I just hope good overcomes evil. I went to see the film, ‘Alone in Berlin’
    this morning. It was excellent. Seeing the good people standing up for what they believed was not easy during the time of the Nazis.

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