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Facebook is strange and sinister, but one of the intriguing elements to me is the “On this Day” feature where Facebook shows you what you posted on this day in all the years you’ve been using Facebook. Since I deleted my Facebook in 2012 and rejoined in 2013, most of this “On this Day” for me is since I retired and moved to Monte Vista. There is a definite pattern to what-happens-when in this small town.

On this day (yesterday) last year and the year before I commented that the days are warmer and kids are bouncing basketballs to the park. Spring must be on the way. Two years in a row and yes, only two days ago, I heard a kid coming down the street, bouncing his basketball, heading to the park a block away. Like a clock. Almost to the day. And, of course, there are the Sandhill Cranes. In March they fly north to Yellowstone Park (their summer home) stopping here to eat, hang out, mate and generally party. It’s their Spring Break.

The little early spring flowers throw their tiny wonder up one or two inches into the sky always around now. I only know this for two years as there were no spring bulbs in the yard when I moved here. I had to set that clock in motion. I also noticed that I take the same pictures at the same time every year (or have, so far). “Wow! The crocus are blooming! Wow! Wow! My tomato seeds have sprouted!” There is a woman down the street who has a very beautiful border around her front lawn. I walked by to see what she uses for mulch (leaves), and I walked by to see when she removes the leaf mulch because I think she knows what she’s doing. I’m setting my clock by hers.



Yesterday I had a hard time finding a place to walk both Dusty and Bear because there are a lot of people in town for the Crane Festival. Dusty isn’t friendly when he’s leashed, and off leash, he’s a big, black dog bounding happily to meet people who might not want to meet him. We ended up on the golf course. There were two early-season golfers out on the driving range (pasture). Yep.  My town has a beautiful skate park and maybe it’s one of the few places where you see skater kids in cowboy hats. Another sign of spring.

People start coming out, too. All winter, the streets are pretty empty. People aren’t walking their dogs. The slough was more or less abandoned as was the golf course. The first warm day brings humanity out into the world like zits on a 14 year old. I resent this (on behalf of Dusty T. Dog) as we’re happy to go out in the cold. Every year when I have to stop Dusty from barking at some nice people with their dachshund, I think, “I’m being nice to you, but you haven’t earned this. Where were you when it was 20 below? Huh? Huh? Were you here? I think not.” I’m cheered by the knowledge that — if the clock is accurate and the pattern holds true — it’s going to snow some more before spring is over. Bear and I are hopeful. We thrive on nasty weather.

I like winter best, but it might be because in California, without four seasons, I used to measure the passing of the seasons by the likelihood of rattlesnakes on my hiking trails. I could expect to start seeing them around Valentine’s day and could be somewhat safe of their hibernating by Thanksgiving. I hiked anyway, but it was nice to have a few months to relax…

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  1. You write about this as I get some news of NSA asking for Facebook passwords are reentry points in the USA, including a NASA scientist. Who is Facebook and what does it do? I’m guilty of participating because I do a lot of animal advocacy from there. I also check on my family who are all over the world. There should be a better way. But, the truth is there is nothing private anymore.

    • No, we give everything away. The potential for good always seems to equal the potential for evil and the bottom line now as always seems to be how motivated the “good” are. Some people will say the good are less motivated, but I don’t think so. When I look at the big picture of humanity, I see progress.

  2. Facebook never tells me what I did on this day because I never tell them. I have my own Angloswiss pages if I have something to say. I find this nicer weather great. For me it means I can get out again and practice walking. Flowers are now showing their blossoms and it won’t be long before the birds will be building their nests.

  3. Your words could have described Craig today, Martha. For the first time since last fall, the neighbor children played basketball in their driveway, bicycles abounded, and eager dogs dragged their owners along the sidewalks. I examined our yard carefully for little green hopeful things, but found none. I think some will begin to poke through any day, though. I also shared your dismissal of the good weather walkers who crowded my path through a park and up a sidehill, a walk I took all winter without seeing a soul. It is glorious when spring speaks and assures us its on the way.

    • Bear and I prefer winter, but I realized today I might still be traumatized by Southern California where summer was 95 degrees by 8 am. But really, those good weather walkers (there were 8 at “my” slough yesterday, six extremely plus-size people with their rotund mini-dogs — nothing against the people or the dogs personally) have NOT earned the right to be out there, no no no. I know that by July they will have been driven inside by mosquitos and horseflies and it will be all mine again. And, for Bear and Dusty a mile in the neighborhood is as fun as a walk in the park. We’ll manage… I just wish Dusty were not so barky and mean sounding.

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