18 thoughts on “Taking a Break

    • Not busy — just need to take my coffee into the room of writing novels in the morning instead of sitting with it in the living room and writing a blog post. Just need to change my morning habit.

  1. It’s good to get away from old habits once in a while. Good luck to you with the brand new routine, and we’ll all look forward to having you back on board. Hugs! ❤

  2. I’m doing the same thing. I’m decidedly uninspired to write now. I’m hoping that the mountains will inspire me once the runoff is over and I can get up there. But I also question my motives. And wonder if it’s selfishness. For now, I’m content playing straight at you blues guitar, waiting for spring. Anyway, I reached my goals in writing: being an outdoor writer, getting published in fishing rags, and publishing a collection of essays. When I set those goals, they seemed impossible to achieve. And what do I have to say, anyway? Nothing of import, nothing that already hasn’t been said. Somewhere. By somebody. The important thing is–I don’t feel bad about taking a break.

    • Yep. I haven’t reached my goals because I don’t know what they were/are. 🙂 I’m cleaning the detritus of past lives (mine and others) out of my world (house garage) and working on the novel that is just so hard but beginning to feel like a challenge in a good way. I wish I’d decided to be an outdoor writer, but it didn’t occur to me until last year that would be fun (it has been when I’ve done it). The Rio Grande is getting REALLY high, so high it has reached the slightly higher level of the water in the slough and pulled the water from it. Very interesting to observe. When it drops, I guess the water will return. I’ve never observed a river before and it’s great. 🙂

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