I’ll Tell You about Desire…

Desire is temporary insanity that can last forever.*

Charles Buckowski

and the windows opened that night
a ceiling dripped the sweat
of a tin god,
and I sat eating a watermelon,
all false red,
water like slow running of rusty
and I spit out seeds
and swallowed seeds,
and I kept thinking
I am a fool
I am a fool
to eat this watermelon
but I kept eating




Linoleum cut prints by Picasso

*This is my definition of desire. To the best of my knowledge, no one else has said this. There’s nothing rational about desire, in my experience.


9 thoughts on “I’ll Tell You about Desire…

  1. The juxtaposition is a touch mind-bendy. Let me ask, is this quotation “Desire is temporary insanity that can last forever.” a reference to the print artwork in red and yellow? Is it a header to the Watermelon poem by Chuck Buckowski? It is your interpretation/transition between the two? Treat me like I have absolutely no background in literary studies or art appreciation and you’ll be safe dumbing it down!

    • I wrote “Desire is temporary insanity that can last forever.” I’m not quoting anyone. I’m not writing literary analysis here; I’m giving my take on desire which, in my experience, is not all that linear intellectually though it’s pretty much a straight line in reality. There’s nothing to “dumb down.” It is exactly what it is.

  2. Great post Martha, next to Bluebird, this is my favorite poem by Buk. The music so fitting,! wonderful.

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