Center, Colorado

Center is a small farming community in the San Luis Valley. I have not explored it, but I’ve been through it a few times. It takes its name from fact that it is nearly at the center of the San Luis Valley. It looks like a pretty nice small town, one of those towns Bruce Springsteen sang about in “My Home Town.”

So is mine, as it happens, but somewhat less. Monte Vista’s population has held pretty stable over the years, but there is not a lot going on. It’s hard for businesses to stay open.

Polar Bear Yeti T. Dog was picked up by animal control in Center. Hard to say how she got there — 4 month old puppy — but my theory is that someone up there breeds livestock guardian dogs and Bear showed up with blue eyes. Lots of people think blue-eyed dogs are blind, so maybe they thought they couldn’t sell her. I have no idea, but she’s not blind. She helps me spot eagles.

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  1. I’ve been to pretty much in the valley and I have land near San Luis the town. The main avenue carries my last name so I took that as an omen. I finally did my rounds looking at homes in Monte Vista and I have my eye on a particular who has an interesting architectural design. Any suggestions for Internet service or where I can dig for local handymen?

    • I think San Luis is the prettiest town in the, maybe, world? For internet I use Charter because it is cable internet. It’s fast and has been very reliable. You can get TV and phone with it, too. It’s not (IMO) cheap but… There are a couple of other companies. Lots of people switch every year to get the cheap introductory prices. And there’s satellite (DISH) which, personally, I think is insane here because of the wind and the chance of deep snow meaning clearing off the dish BUT the sun shines most of the time so there’s no heavy cloud cover to interfere.

      As for a handyman, the best one I’ve found has moved to Antonito. If you do Facebook, I recommend joining

      You might be able to advertise for one and/or seek recommendations. Where is the house?

  2. The house is in one of the streets almost out of town. I can’t recall the name of it of the top of my head. We also went a bit farther to check the hospital in Del Norte.

    Will join the Facebook group. I had no idea they had one.

    Thanks for the info.

    • I agree with you completely. She’s more than a dog, somehow. Every once in a while we’ll be on a walk. She’s always leashed but on certain walks, I let her walk me so she can enjoy all the “letters” left for her by the critters in passing. Every once in a while, she’ll stop, look over at me (somehow she stays parallel, 6 feet away) and get this loving look in her eyes like, “Yay! You’re here!” and she’ll stop reading the letters and come to me and lean. She’s very special and I’m glad I let you (and a couple of other people) persuade me that a giant breed livestock guardian dog was just what I needed back when I had all those doubts. She’ll be two years old in two weeks. ❤

      • Yep. Now I’m thinking about retirement, when I buy a tiny house on wheels, a 1 ton pick up, and a couple of pretty acres somewhere. I have once again become aware that there is NO one in the world who wants to inherit all my “things to remember X by” so I’m clearing it out. I think when you use a box labeled “Family photos” as a weight to keep the dogs from opening the side door to the garage you probably don’t need the photos 😛

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