Ode to Changing Seasons

Poets loves nature, not always REAL nature, but the idealized, “spiritual” human projection of nature. That’s OK, but I was thinking what it would be like to write a romantic nature poem about the OTHER side, not the dark side, but the unpoetic side (the dark side being, often, excessively poetic). So here’s an impromptu poem to the rhythm of the seasons.

February Melt

My fingers are cracked from cold mountain air
There’s mud on my boots and splits in my hair
The dogs try to dig in the still frozen ground
They don’t get far, those miserable hounds.

The dry leaves of fall protect tender shoots
The truly brave plants, their undaunted roots (<== sorry about the personification)
I forgot what I planted that windy fall day
I hope they come up, that’s all I can say.

The dog poop of winter litters the trail
I dodge it adeptly, I hope without fail.
My big white dog rolls in small patches of snow
Each day it melts more, we both watch it go.

This is not to say that winter is done,
That won’t occur till the last frost has gone.
At this altitude, summer comes late,
And as I like winter, I’m willing to wait.

The simple fact is, it could snow any time,
Bringing more hoarfrost, even some rime.
More shoveling of driveways, walks and the like
But maybe today, I’ll go ride my bike.


6 thoughts on “Ode to Changing Seasons

  1. Loved it! I love snow, but I haven’t seen it since I lived in Atlanta a few years ago.

    I wish it would stay colder longer here, but I live in North Florida — that’s a pipe dream. However, with the beauty of the changing seasons, everything is blooming pinks, reds, magentas, and whites! AH! Azaleas!

    And allergies.

    • I lived in Southern California for 30 years. I found the seasons by leaving town and going into the places where people hadn’t brought in bougainvilleas and hibiscus etc. But I liked it all. Here the seasons are definite and each is 3 months long, almost to the day. It’s amazing. I grew up in a four season world but 30 years away made it seem completely new. Fall is especially surprising. 3 months of beautiful weather and gorgeous trees. Who knew?

      • That’s how it was in Atlanta. I love north Georgia weather. The trees are so beautiful when they turn. In Florida, the trees kind of just hang on, then we have a cold snap, and all the leaves just fall off. No beautiful colors. And Florida has a grand total of 12 days of winter… non consecutively lol. One day the high will be 45, two days later it will be 79. I hope to one day live in a place where there aren’t just two season — kind of sort of hot and really hot.

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