The Language of Love, Dusty Style

WARNING: Because of the content of this post, NO TABBY CATS ALLOWED!!!


Dusty T. Dog is a dog as in ‘You dog!” He does some “dog” things which are not always very appealing to non-dog creatures (as in me). When he first came to live with me 10+ years ago, he was so happy to have a home that he would not leave the yard, not even to go on a walk, or a hike in the mountains. NOTHING. No way. When I came home from school in the evening, Dusty would invariably piss on my foot the moment I stepped through the gate. Fortunately, I wore rubber flip-flops so it was not a big deal. He was saying, dog that he is, “She’s MINE and she’s not leaving AGAIN if I have anything to say about it!”

When Dusty arrived, there were three Siberian husky girls to welcome him — and they did. They adored him. He loved them, too. They did their best to turn this dobie/lab mix into a Siberian Husky, teaching him to hunt and howl. But, things started happening. Jasmine died of cancer, and Cheyenne had to be put down after a dog fight. All that remained of Dusty’s Huskies was Lily T. Wolf.

That’s when he began peeing on her. He peed on her every morning. He peed on her if a male anything — such as a handyman — came into the yard. Dusty was determined Lily wasn’t going to leave him. I had to figure out ways to keep Lily somewhat house-worthy. Baby wipes…

Once in a while — very, very seldom — he pees on Bear in the early morning when I let them out first thing. Yesterday — I guess because my pack is out and I’m getting ready to go on a short journey (with them!) — he regaled Bear with his love and uncertainty.

12 thoughts on “The Language of Love, Dusty Style

  1. You say tabby… what about black cats or tortie cats? LOL.

    Adorable posts. My friend has a German Shepard that will get so excited when I come around me and tinkle a little bit. When I come over, my friend puts her on a leash and takes her out back to greet me, so she doesn’t have to clean up the pee.

  2. Male dogs have a whole different attitude toward pee than their humans. Gibbs is finally getting that I do not feel a need to smell him on everything to know he’s here. But at least he IS learning. That’s better than many boys who never seem to get it.

    Dogs. Garry had a nightmare the other day. What was it about? We were both old and had NO DOGS.

  3. This post seems so very odd to me. Not that I don’t believe you and your commenters about your dogs. I certainly do. But I’m in my 60’s, and I’ve had male dogs almost all my life, and I’ve never had one that felt the need to pee on anything or anyone — other than marking their territory outside by establishing their regular “pee” places. I’ve had any number of different breeds, and never had this “enlightening” experience. I might add that this lack of experience is something for which I’m exceedingly grateful. 🙂

    • Dusty had a very very traumatic puppyhood and I’m sure that’s why he has this strange behavior. None of my other male dogs behaved this way, just Dusty.

      • It’s just amazing to me how cruel some people can be to other people and to animals. I can almost understand the people thing. I mean if someone has been mean to another person, I understand (I don’t condone, but I understand) how they might lash out at them. But poor helpless animals generally haven’t done anything at all to deserve ill treatment.

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