Snow Angel

When Bear goes on a walk with Dusty and me, she is not on the same walk I’m on. She is acutely aware of scents, far more than Dusty or any dog I’ve ever had. I think it would be amazing to go on Bear’s walk sometime, and maybe see all the animals she “sees” with her nose. In the perfect world, each animal would “pop up” like a Princess Leia hologram that Bear couldn’t see (so she wouldn’t chase it) but I could know who visited each spot. The more recent visitors would be clearer; those who passed by days ago more faint.

As a human, I like tracks which makes walking in snow very rewarding. Yesterday on our walk (the first since I got sick, so the first in 3 weeks) there were thousands of tracks. Human tracks had made a packed-down narrow pathway on the trail. I noticed that the elk (shortly before I got there?) used the packed down trail, too. Their hoof-prints were on top of the most recent human boot prints.

There were dog, rabbit, mouse, fox tracks and (I think ) cat tracks. I’m not sure and I can’t trust myself there because I WANT a bobcat to be there. Desire can color reality.

Bear doesn’t just receive these scent messages. She wears them home and leaves answers herself. Here she is reveling in the wonder of it all and saying “Hi!” to everyone. ❤

12 thoughts on “Snow Angel

  1. We can all learn valuable lessons from our pets. One lesson is to be very still, quiet, and listen. Maybe then we can teach our senses valuable lessons, which may carry over to our brains. How fortunate for dogs to have the extra abilities to sense things, people, situations, which we cannot because our mouths are too often spewing out garbage. Thank you for sharing.

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