The Politics of Economics

Yesterday I wrote a post about the proposed cuts to the NEH, NEA and PBS. Today I’ve learned of more “liberalesque” government agencies that are likely to fall under the “serve the party not the people” axe of the Repubs. Please note right now, I have no party affiliation and I do not necessarily vote liberal. 

One of them, the Economic Development Administration, in particular, has helped my region and yet, people here largely voted against it by voting for DJT:

Economic Development Administration

The EDA supports “distressed communities with their infrastructure needs that will help drive regional growth,” promotes “economic development projects that spur entrepreneurship and innovation at the regional level,” and “provides direct technical assistance to firms negatively impacted by global trade.”

What does this mean? Seven years ago, the EDA gave a $2 million grant to the Pacific Northwest Diabetes Institute to buy new scientific equipment, in turn providing lab space that would support other high-tech companies in the area. The EDA says the grant ended up creating 184 jobs, saving another 110, and attracting another $500,000 in private investment.

This article from Money  names each agency that’s likely to get the axe, describes its mission and specifies the cost to each taxpayer of each one. To find out more about what the Economic Development Administration does, go here. These programs could help my town and I’ve been looking into this since I moved here, just trying to come up with a good project.

6 thoughts on “The Politics of Economics

  1. That’s the worst (ironic) thing about these cuts is that it costs so little to NOT cut them. There was a point where we almost lost our local library for a one time savings of less than $40,000. Once gone, it would lose it credentials and would probably never get them back. It was the first free library in the country, historic in every sense. Keeping it costs each town resident about $4 a year. The argument was that libraries have no use in the modern world.

    Kind of like the arts. Who needs that stuff?

    • My town has gotten some good out of the EDA grants — but it needs so much more. During the crash of 2009, my town lost more than 10% of its citizens and as a big part of the economy is national forest, state parks and BLM, that was harsh for my town, too. We’re just beginning to regain some footing and that’s due to a lot of hard work on the part of individuals and people writing grants. Just trying to make America great again.

  2. Great post Martha! It is indeed very concerning that some political parties aim to benefit themselves rather than the general populace, I hope this can change for the better in the future.

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