Going Viral

“I can’t keep up this pace, boss.”

“You have to, Bruce. We get one shot at this and the season is short. We have to get these orders filled now. Chop chop.”

“But boss, I infected half a million people yesterday. I think I deserve a rest.”

“You’ve got your converts, right? They’re working for you now?”

“Oh yeah. They’re going everywhere. Billions and billions. All with crumpled dirty tissues in their hands, some of them coughing into their elbows, kids sneezing all over the supermarket carts, families hanging around doctors’ offices.”

“Good on you, Bruce. Here’s the deal. There are two months left in the season. You have to get out there. Come March, you can take a break. Wait, are you? You are! You’re mutating.”

“Well that explains it.”

“Way to go!”



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