Yesterday on Facebook a friend posted a meme about the Academy Awards and how she’s boycotting it. It’s not like the Academy Awards will suffer from the loss of my friend’s TV. They won’t know; she lives in a tiny town — tinier than my town — in the back of beyond. The boycott is  because Hollywood is just a bunch of rich people patting each other on the back for being rich. I don’t have any use for the Academy Awards, either, but only because it’s boring and I’m not up with Hollywood movies and have not been for decades, like EVER.

The meme also referred to the group of people who support the meme as “the deplorables in the fly-over zone.”

Something clicked.

If you insult people, they will not vote for you. Simple. Maybe some of the Trump supporters at the rallies and so on ARE deplorable; I definitely thought some of the stuff that came of of Trump’s mouth was deplorable, frightening and crude. I hated the way his behavior ensured that the issues of this country would not be addressed in a debate (and they’re not being addressed now) but when HRC called his supporters “Deplorables,” I was honestly shocked.

She turned an entire class of hard-working, independent minded people who live on ranches and farms and in small towns into something they are not. Classing the best with the worst, she dehumanized an entire contingent of people who help their neighbor, supporting the values of respect, kindness and generosity.

I happen to have a friend who was in politics — very successfully — for a long time. When I asked her if she’d ever been to Monte Vista she replied, “Well, yeah, when I was campaigning.” There were two messages in that response for me. One, get the votes. Two, the only thing the people in the back of beyond are good for are their votes. She was running on the Repub ticket, so there was really no numerical necessity to come down here and stump, but she did.

Trump also (with HRC’s help) established a culture of “victimhood” in the minds of the voters in the “Fly-over Zone.” “We’re ignored; poor us.” That is a strange development among a people who are notable for their rugged individualism and small government “we can take care of ourselves” attitude. “Poor us in the back of beyond, other people have caused our misery, build a wall on the Mexican border, keep out the Muslims,” feelings that certainly already existed but had not been so loudly articulated before Trump’s campaign and then validated by HRC’s “deplorables” remark. Where Trump attacked outsiders (Muslims, Mexicans) HRC attacked some of the best people in this country.

The irony is that places like the San Luis Valley — impoverished and not overburdened with opportunity — benefit greatly from the social welfare programs espoused by the “left.” We know it. During the pre-primary campaigning, there were many Bernie Sanders signs in yards, far more than Trump signs — ever.

I live in the back of beyond. I am in a “fly over zone.” People flying to California from the East are very likely to fly over my little town. Here’s what it looks like so if you happen to fly over, you’ll recognize it. Those circles are fields most likely for potatoes or barley, but also for safflower, carrots and hops. They are very, very beautiful when they are in bloom.


I will always wonder how things might have gone if HRC had not been so arrogant, so stupid.

If you’re curious about “Homelake” it’s a retirement home built in the late 19th century for civil water veterans. It’s where a friend of mine lives, a WW II veteran, a Jewish guy in his 90s from the east coast, who, back in the day, brought a bunch of New York Boy Scouts out here for a week camping trip in New Mexico and fell in love with the landscape and came here to stay. He’s one of the most amazing people I’ve met and he very publicly supported Hillary Clinton. So…when someone is “flying over” the “fly-over zone” they’re actually flying over a complex world of people with rich individual histories, not a “basket” of anything.


Oh and here’s where I like to walk my dogs.

15 thoughts on “Deplorables

  1. If all Trump’s supporters were card-carrying racists, he couldn’t have gotten elected dog catcher. I suspect the same is true of HRC and screeching moon bats.
    A pox on both their houses.

  2. It seems stupidity reigned. Though I am by no means a HRC supporter I can figure out that she was referring to the racists, bigots, misogynist, the NRA supporters with one agenda rallying behind Pres. Elect Trump. His rhetoric is deplorable… his crude and childish behavior and inability to control his outbursts and enemy list sickens me. Though you use the past tense, nothing has changed for the better since he became our president elect.

      • I think Comey had something to do with HRC losing to Trump. He should be held accountable for breaching the Hatch Act, a federal offense. Unfortunately our reps. our so afraid of landing on the Trump hate list they won’t take a stand. In a year or perhaps a few months we will have the true story of what Trump and the Kremlin are all about.

      • I hope so. I hope it isn’t just all suppressed out of fear or whatever. I agree with you about Comey. But I also think he could have said anything and if the people had been behind HRC, it wouldn’t have mattered, but they weren’t. Of course, that was partly due to Trump’s campaign stragedy. It’s all blood under the bridge at this point…. 😦

  3. This whole name calling thing is getting old, ‘Deplorable’ ‘Sensitive Snowflake’ ‘Libtard’ and all these other ridiculous labels that have been shoved down everyone’s throats this past year. I actually had someone come after me on Twitter with Deplorable in their name who was angry that I made some obscure tweet about how we need to look at all forms of media and form our own decisions and opinions. I couldn’t take their comments seriously because of how they had ‘Deplorable’ in their name-Like she lost- move on already (Nor did I understand why this person was so convinced I had to believe ONLY what they saw as truth) When politics have to take on this level of name calling it’s time for everyone to step back and remember to skip the nasty labels. We’re all humans.

    • Yep. That’s kind of rationale behind this post. I agree, we’re all human, we all have our little selective bias, our sensitive spots, our blind spots. I don’t know where that admonishment of my childhood went, that one, “Don’t call people names.” I’d also be very happy if people realized that all you can start in 140 characters is trouble. I, personally, really hate the “Nasty Woman” moniker. The whole thing was so ugly I don’t know how we’ll recover — your idea is the way, but it’s a lot harder than reacting to a provocation.

    • “The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple.”–Oscar Wilde
      The truth is messy and splashes on everybody, like the time we were all standing around watching a guy poop from a fire tower–it was pretty cool until the poop hit the ground. That’s why half-truth is so popular. And no matter who you listen to, or where you go to get your “facts,” you’re only getting part of the story–the part they want you to know. If they told the whole truth, they’d all have some splanin’ to do.

      • I think that people just want their beliefs confirmed, their “facts” personal. Wilde is right; the truth is seldom simple and (I think) people are too dumb and/or lazy to deal with the complexity. That was a lesson I took away from my recent experiences marketing my novel.

  4. She ran a dismal campaign and didn’t listen when people warned her. I’m pissed at her for losing. It was her election to lose and by doing so, is forcing me into four years ghastliness and unthinkable horrors.

    On the other hand. you can’t blame her for what Trump or his de facto cronies did. A lot of his followers ARE deplorable. Not all, but seriously, have you seen them? Talked to them? If crudity and ignorance were art forms, they would be top of the pile. In every other way, they suck.

    Coulda, shoulda, woulda. I was pissed at Dukakis for losing and I told him so (yes, personally, at a party). I was furious at Clinton for not keeping it zipped in the Oval office and I told HIM so too. At a different party. Because the first obligation of a candidate to his or her constituents is to win the election. That’s the bottom line of politics. There’s winning and then there’s “didn’t you used to be someone?”

    The second obligation is to not disgrace the office and ruin any chance you have of making a real difference.

    • Her cluelessness has permanently pissed me off. You’re right; winning is the ONE imperative of an running for office — yes. A candidate is running to WIN because they want to achieve something AFTER they’re elected (though in the case of T I’m not sure…) not to have a big party with balloons. The whole this was, is, noxious. And that my friends feel like they’ve been called “deplorable”? Well, that’s sad and they shouldn’t, but they do and the one way to ensure that wouldn’t happen, and that all the people would fell welcomed and comfortable by a candidate and his/her platform would be NOT to throw around words like that. I ignored it because I’m no more deplorable than I’m a nasty woman and I consider living in the “Fly-over Zone” an honor and really nothing can change that.

  5. I think you nailed it, Martha.

    I can’t recall if it was off-the-cuff or scripted. If the latter, then she’s not the politician she thinks she is. If it was a quick line she tossed off to dismiss that particular sector of Trump supporters, I can imagine that she is, or should be, deeply regretting her sloppiness.

    • It was off the cuff to her “team.” But any politician with half a brain would know there is no “team” and that a remark like that could be shared by a team member in all innocence. She shouldn’t be president, either. 😦 It was awful. It’s left an open wound on my country and all the old hippies are crying, “Activism!” because they think that way. I just don’t know — I don’t think my great-grandmother having been born in Canada is enough to allow me in the country, do you?

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