Rambling Pointless Exquisite Post

We had a sift of snow overnight. Not enough to send Bear to snow-swimming rapture, but enough to silence the sound of the cars on the highway and to cover up the old snow which was looking tired and bedraggled. I’m not going out in it. Still fighting a cold and maybe winning, though at the moment it seems like a draw. I’m not shoveling. The snow plows have made several passes on the minuscule amount of snow. What’s under it is the problem, so the sand truck is making several slow passes to be sure everyone gets to church safely this morning.

There are many immense and beautiful churches in this little town, most with memberships in the single digits. All of these churches are more than 100 years old. One of them, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, is an exact replica of an English village church. It’s a tiny stone building, much loved by my neighbor who has done a lot of work toward restoring it to its original look — including new doors that match the original doors that had been replaced long ago.

I’m in demand among church-going folk because I don’t go to church. I appear uncommitted, and the churches really want members. Can’t imagine it since I don’t think God or faith has anything to do with a building or human fellowship. Still, I will go to St. Stephens twice during Lent because I’ve been invited to give a couple of talks on the Reformation. My friend and I joke that she’ll have to lock me in her car the night before to be sure I go… My other friend (yes, I have two) attends the Methodist Church and she’s asking for equal time.

I don’t know if there is anything exquisite about any of this. My exquisite white dog is here beside me wondering why I was up all night and why I’m suddenly so much more boring than I used to be. I have lost my exquisite voice because of all the exquisite coughing, but that’s just part of the exquisite process of recovering from a cold. And, the day began well with a very large, very hot and very exquisite cup of espresso with cream. Starting the day with that is a guarantee that no day will be all bad. 😉


7 thoughts on “Rambling Pointless Exquisite Post

  1. That will be interesting giving a talk about the reformation. Our area is mainly roman catholic, but we also have a big Swiss Reform church, although neither of us go. My No. 2 son sung in the boys choir for many years in the St. Urs. Cathedral in Solothurn. I find Switzerland copes quite well with the two main religions.
    Mr. Swiss has been sneezing and coughing for the past two days, and today I have a strange irritation at the back of my throat which wants to encourage me to cough – yes, its is winter everywhere.

  2. You sound exquisitely in need of hot drinks, warm blankets, and at least two extra naps. And some chicken soup. I’m sorry I’m not there. I do very good chicken soup WITH matza ball and if that doesn’t cure you, nothing will 🙂

    Hugs from all of us, furry and not so furry.

    • Matzaball soup sounds perfect and thank you for the furry and furriless hugs. The first time I had Matzaball soup I had a cold just like this and my friend Bess came over and made it for me. That was a long time ago… What a nice memory! ❤

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