Bear Hug


Bear giving a Bear Hug while Mindy and Dusty look on.

My giant breed livestock guardian dog, Polar Bear Yeti T. Dog, the Akbash, is an extremely affectionate creature. Even rather clingy though she has an independent mind and an agenda of her own. Here she’s saying “Good Morning!” to our friend Lois.

13 thoughts on “Bear Hug

  1. She looks like she is hugging Lois. How sweet! Who is the dog in the middle–the one with that beautiful, soulful look in her eyes?

  2. Hello! I am a fellow writer on WordPress and I am a “follower” of your blog. I have noted that your Copyright notice still reads as “2016.” Please make sure you protect your content by updating the Copyright date. Don’t give plagiarists so much as a punctuation mark without a fight!

    All the best,
    Keith Viverette, Sr.

    • Last summer I met a couple who live in a nice motorhome and travel all over the place. I thought, “Wow! I want to do that! Why aren’t I doing that!” then I realized that I have three large dogs and there’s no way I could live that motorhome life with them. And it was at that moment I fully understood that these guys are the definers of my lifestyle — and my dogs have been since the late 80s when I got my first big dog — and I’m totally good with that. They’d do the same for me. ❀

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