The wet snow stuck to the creature’s feet, making her stride uneven and a little painful, but she didn’t care. At the bottom of every bush, in many of the melted footprints, and sometimes across the width of the trail, were messages. Here a fox had been, here a mouse had scurried, here a rabbit had met a tragic end (it’s never easy being prey), here a neighbor’s dog had left a letter. She crouched and left a response before she continued on her way. Sometimes something in the air caught her attention and she stood keen-eyed, her nose pointed in the direction of the smell. Usually it was nothing she ever saw, but once in a while… She kept on, knowing that there would be plenty of time when she got home to clear the snow balls from between her toes and ponder the meaning of all she had learned.

9 thoughts on “Adventure

  1. Sometimes, it’s not so easy being a predator, either. I’m sure Bear has hidden depths. She may well have a huge super-power. She has the wisdom of ages in her eyes.

  2. I’ve always admired the way dogs are completely in the moment and thoroughly explore everything they encounter. Back in the day when I had dogs, I felt they enriched my own outdoor experiences.

    • They have definitely enriched mine and shown me things I would not have seen without them. There was a moment (24 hours!) when I did not have a dog to hike with and I changed that as quickly as I could. 🙂

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