-20 and counting…

First real cold of the winter — -36F (-37C) at the Sand Dunes last night. -20 here. But it’s warming up nicely to a balmy -4 so there is hope for better things sometime, like next week? It’s hard to get a specific reading of temperature, even with — or especially with — all the online weather reporting services all saying different things and my own thermometer registering something bizarre because the outdoors portion is in the morning sun.

We in the San Luis Valley (and maybe all places where it gets really cold) take perverse pride in these numbers. “-36? Too cold to let the dog out.” The thing is, some dogs won’t GO out. My friend L is visiting and her dog, Shoe, felt the blast of morning air from the front door and said, “I’ll go out there when hell freezes over and this is Heaven and NO way!”

Shoe knows exactly how cold it is. Too cold for her.


10 thoughts on “-20 and counting…

  1. Lol. And I thought it was cold here in north FL. Supposed to get down to 27 tonight.

  2. Our only problem comes in heavy rain — the two terrorists don’t like rain — or if snow is so deep, they can’t blow through it. When Bishop was here, he used to plow through the drifts and make runways for the smaller dogs, but he has gone, so we shall have to do it for them if it comes to that. Once it dips below zero around here, they will go out, but they are remarkably efficient in getting their business done and coming right back in.

  3. I have a cat who does the same thing. If he deems it too cold outside, he’ll scrunch up his face and back away from the open door. It’s hilarious to watch.

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