Lamont and Dude Talk Temptation

“Lamont, how do you deal with temptation?”

“I avoid it. It’s the most reasonable way to deal with it, I think. I mean, in my lifetimes of experience, it just leads to trouble. I remember the short interlude of mus musculus.

“Oh my. A cat? Was it me?”

“No, Dude. It was peanut butter. I knew it was too good to be true. Why would there be peanut butter right there where I usually walked, right? I knew it and still…”

“You were tempted.”

“Yep. Soon I was trapped, terrified and ultimately, dead.”

“Wow. Brutal.”

“You have to expect a measure of that as mus musculus. You’re not going to be very popular unless you’re lucky enough to be some kid’s pet, then you’re in Heaven, but that wasn’t me. You’ve been tempted, right? I know you have. You have that luv thing going on…”

“Oh, luv. Don’t get me started. Remember how we met?”

“How could I ever forget? You crouched on a sand dune by the sea, waiting for a message in  bottle. You’re a romantic fool, Dude.”

“Never again.”

“Never say never.”


Lamont and Dude are characters I came up with a couple of years ago. They have the uncanny ability to remember many of their past incarnations. this gives them an unusual perspective on life, the universe and everything.

5 thoughts on “Lamont and Dude Talk Temptation

  1. Thank goodness I never use mousetraps, you might kill the wrong mouse, although I have Tabby for such problems.
    “Tabby did you ever eat a human called Lamont?”
    “No, that was my ancestor some time in the prehistoric site and he was not a cat, but a sabre toothed tiger”

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