Lamont and Dude and the Black and White World


“Dude, what are you doing?”

“Building a wave synthesizer so I can surf inside.”


“Have you looked out the window? All the color has gone out of nature. Something really sinister has happened and I’m not going out there.”

“It’s hoar-frost, Dude. Remember it from the Ice Age?”

“No. I don’t think I had color cones in my eyes at that time. What were we?”

“I was a woolly mammoth part of the time, until I was EATEN.

“Ah yeah. Dire wolf. Good times. Good friends. Good food. Damn, I loved the Ice Age.”


Lamont and Dude are characters I came up with a couple of years ago. They have the uncanny ability to recall many of their previous incarnations which gives them a unique perspective on life, the universe and everything.

10 thoughts on “Lamont and Dude and the Black and White World

  1. Pretty beigy grey around here. The kind of day that makes reruns of old BBC mysteries very attractive. I think was was one of those terrified tiny mammals trying not to get eaten or trampled. I’m pretty sure I got both 😉

    • Me too. I normally love winter, but I’ve already had enough. I think being sick did me in. I have no joie de snow. At the moment the whole thing seems like the dark side of a Boris Pasternak novel. OH well. I realized yesterday that the reason we all love the Sandhill Cranes is that they come when spring really is starting. The sound of them flying over head is the most hopeful sound I know right now. Two months away. 🙂

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