Illness Update

Went to my doc — I live in the country so it’s a rural health hospital and clinic. Everyone is nice, no one is in a hurry, and the doc has time to talk to you. Had my exam and was told I will need to go see a specialist if I want a certain diagnosis. Not that it is (probably) anything serious, but she could not make the diagnosis.

“We used to have a urologist in the Valley, but they don’t stay.”

She was being shadowed by a recent college grad who was contemplating med school. A really nice kid. Maybe he took a hint from that.

“They don’t get it,” I said, meaning they didn’t “get” the San Luis Valley. My doc and the young guy grinned. “I wonder what they see when they’re here. I see paradise, but I wonder what other people see?”

She said, “I wonder that, too. Maybe you have to be here a while.”

I said, “I don’t know. I got it right away and knew I didn’t want to be anywhere else.”

But…there is no Urologist within 100 miles, and it’s winter. There’s no cure for what she thinks it is, either. The importance of the urologist is making sure it’s NOT something serious.

Now I have to decide which mountain pass I want to drive over. That’s the Valley. That’s the kind of decision we make here. Even making an appointment is iffy. Today the sun is shining and the roads are mostly clear, just a patch of ice here and there. But even NOAA has all it can do to figure out what’s going to happen next.

Thank you for all the kind get well messages yesterday when I was so daunted. I appreciate them very much.


9 thoughts on “Illness Update

  1. They don’t stay here, either. They go to places that have bigger, more modern facilities where they will get the “interesting” cases. It is also about money. They can make a lot more of it in a city or metro suburb than in any small town. So we too have to travel for the good specialists. A lot of the ones that DO stay you are better off not seeing. Some of them really are executioners with advanced degrees. If it isn’t curable and isn’t fatal, then it will wait until the snow melts and maybe, by then, it will have gone away?

    • I’m pondering the waiting until spring option. I think I’ll see how the symptoms go… I had a GREAT Internist when I first moved here, but for her kids’ education, she had to go back to Denver. In any case, if I see the specialist I have to go to a city. 🙂

  2. Seriously, Martha–I guess people do make the 100-mile drive to the big town to see a specialist? I have always taken a wait and see approach, but that screwed me up with my cancer last year. Your body (and your gut) will make that decision for you, I am sure. I’m glad you went to the doctor, though.

    • Yep, people make that long trip to see a doctor (dentist, even) and they don’t think anything of it. I think about it because I have this houseful of hairy roommates. I will call the PA tomorrow and ask some questions about where these doctors are actually located more specific like an address. Since there is a (slight) chance it is something serious, I’ll probably go sooner than later. The problem really is the weather, but I can cancel an appointment if the weather turns ugly. But, as I haven’t really eaten in 2 days, it’s just a little much for my poor brain right now :p

  3. Martha, I do hope you manage the journey, if only to put your own mind at peace.
    May you feel better very soon! I can understand your love of the serenity of a small place.
    Pity about the disadvantages…

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