Bounteous Hoarfrost for Christmas

Near where I live — near in San Luis Valley terms is within 25 miles — is the town of Bountiful. There’s nothing there. I imagine it was named by Mormon settlers; it has that kind of name.

This Christmas Eve we have a bounty of hoarfrost, so Bear and I headed out this morning to enjoy it. It comes with freezing fog, and the fog has lingered, muffling the world in white mystery. I love this and Bear had no complaints. Here is a bounty of images to show you…

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5 thoughts on “Bounteous Hoarfrost for Christmas

  1. Our rain has stopped and the sky is blue. The house smells like brownies, mince pie, rosemary, and lamb. Dogs are sleeping. Garry and I are taking a victory lap and watching the Pats beat the crap out of the Jets.

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